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  1. berobinson82

    Moving in Winter

    Howdy! Been working with the bank and a realtor and it looks like I'm going to be moving the family sooner than I had once planned. We might be packing up in the January/February time frame. Exciting right!? I have some trees in the ground. Bummer. Maples, Junipers, Elms. I'd very much like to...
  2. berobinson82

    I.D. Please?

    A buddy from the local club gave me these two trees a few years ago. He pulled them from an abandoned lot I believe (thx Tommy) but never gave me any sort of ID. I thought they were some sort of euonymous until yesterday when I noticed some fruit delicious looking fruits had appeared. This is...
  3. berobinson82

    Helping people enjoy bonsai

    Howdy, B here. I'm not dead. Shouts to BVF, Judy, and Rockm. From facebook, people consider me a bonsai master. They are wrong. But recently, I've had a few people ask me about the art of bonsai and ask me for advice, pointers... you know. I point them toward Bnut. I tell them about finding...
  4. berobinson82

    Check out this 'zalea stump

    I was at a mom and pop nursery, and saw this trunk among the hundreds of azaleas. The proprietor tells me it's a Rhododendron Karens or a Karen's Azalea. Dunno. It was 5 feet tall when I snagged it and now it's about 10 inches. Just starting to push buds all over except the very top... azaleas...
  5. berobinson82

    Just a hornbeam stump

    I dug this a month ago. Just wanted to share a good looking stump. Took a look yesterday and it's popping buds all over the trunk. I put it into some good soil in a semi-shady spot in my grow bed. Love these beams.
  6. berobinson82

    Can anything become a companion plant?

    So I had a weed growing in a T-flat and decided to give it a new lease on life when I pulled it. Something about it pleased my eye. Got me wondering if there were rules for companion plants. Mini hostas are great but what makes me pause are those delicate plants that I have no clue on...
  7. berobinson82

    20 whips

    Last night I came home from a workshop with 20 trident whips. 2-3 years. As the buds are swelling I was hoping to get them planted today. Since they all have "meh" roots I was imagining the best course of action would be to start working on the roots now rather than having to start in 5 years...
  8. berobinson82

    Yamdori Red Maple

    I posted on this tree a long while ago and can't find the thread. I thought it was a hornbeam, turns out it was a red maple. This past weekend I got around to doing some preliminary carving and put it in a suitable training pot. Besides taking a good chunk of finger and even more chunks of thick...
  9. berobinson82

    Ilex Unknown

    Hey. I got this ilex (maybe crenata?) from a regular nursery for about $20 in Oct of 2013. Cut it down using an employees' sheers before bringing it home. I took it back from about 3.5 feet to 10". Let it grow, cut it back, twice. Just repotted and gave it a rough styling today. 12 inches...
  10. berobinson82

    Moving Roots

    Howdy! I realize that I've never seen a very detailed tutorial/progression on the following topic. Perchance a generous member of the nuthouse would be kind enough to share their experiences. I've a shimp which has been kicking my creative butt. The trunk is split at an almost perfect 90...
  11. berobinson82

    Shohin Barberry

    I've posted this on another thread before but never gave it its own thread. This is the result of getting bored last winter and needing to get my fingernails dirty. I blogged the whole thing but wanted some feedback from you nuts if you had the time. Here is how it looked when I first picked it...
  12. berobinson82

    Interesting Yew

    I saw this while searching for juniper for the contest. As I'm a big yew lover (Dav4, say "howdy" to Mavis for me), this foliage caught my eye. A bit more blue than cuspidata and smaller leaves. Looks almost like a dwarf variety. Decent little trunk in there. I'll give it a good chop this...
  13. berobinson82

    Ficus Figures

    Just saw this article: I had never seen anything like it. Thought I might share it here. There are more on his page if you want to check it out. Cheers, B
  14. berobinson82

    By any other name

    I understand the issues with rose bonsai. I'm not trying to be brave with trying one but my lady loves roses and while I was out shopping I picked this Cardina Mill Rose. I think you'll see why this particular bush attracted me. Yesterday it popped the single bud it had still and I thought maybe...
  15. berobinson82

    When does a rock become a stone?

    Howdy. First post in this sub-forum. I'm not sure if this is suiseki per say but when I was shopping for a few shrubs this was laying on the ground outside of a tent. To me it looked kind of like something you see in the alps maybe. Thoughts?
  16. berobinson82

    Shimp budding back

    Thought this might interest some of you. I bought this large shimpaku years ago sight-unseen for $35. Didn't make for too interesting a bonsai so I would up taking about 10 air layers from it. After looking at it for so long I think I finally see a semi cascade hiding in there assuming I can...
  17. berobinson82

    A glutton for punishment

    So having fallen from the horse, I'm hoping this will help me get back in the saddle. Picked this up from the Bonsai Learning Center fellows at the PBA event last Friday. Just a before and after. Hope you like. This is a tree with many fronts. I'm waiting for foliage to fill out on the other...
  18. berobinson82

    Big Quince

    This quince was probably about 12 - 15 feet when I found it. The gentleman who allowed me to dig it had it stuck in a grow box for about 15 years. When I got to it, the grow box was destroyed and the quince had massively twisted roots encased in the wooden remnants as it escaped into the ground...
  19. berobinson82

    Prunus Cistena - Purpleleaf Sand Cherry

    Howdy. Spring has sprung in Central Va and buds are finally swelling. I was talking to a friend who works at a plant nursery about kusamono when I found this little guy. On sale. Not that I was looking but the price said take it home and throw a cutter to it. Not sure if anyone else has...
  20. berobinson82

    Mrs. Krabappel

    I've never been much for flowering/fruiting but as I'm getting along, I figure "why not". Azaleas have treated more poorly. Or I've treated them poorly is more like it. So I picked up this little crab from ebay. My high bid was exactly $1 higher than the opposing bidder. Noice. There is...
  21. berobinson82

    Craft Beers

    I'm a beer snob. While I can down my fair share of Miller Lite over a football game or barbecue, I'd much rather enjoy the subtleties of finer craft beers at a leisurely pace. Especially when working on trees. Anyways, my local shop, Total Wine, recently starting carrying this: (attached)...
  22. berobinson82

    Grafting on a Privet?

    I've a small common privet that's missing a branch. I'm curious with their poor ability to callus, would it be possible to do an approach graft from the same tree? Has anyone out there performed or seen it done on this species? Your responses, as always, are appreciated. Thank you, B
  23. berobinson82

    Digging a Monster Pine

    Hola! So last year I met a gentleman who lets me dig his back yard up for bonsai. He was the one that gave me a couple elms and carpinus. He has a lot more material back there that is large. It was summer when I dug bc he was threatening to take a chainsaw to everything. That being said, I'll...
  24. berobinson82

    David Cortizas

    Hi there. I've got a slow day at work. Pardon my frequent posting without starting wars. I'll try harder. Promise. Have you guys and gals seen David Cortizas' youtube channel? I understand about 5% of what he's saying but I know what he's trying to say. Though there is a language barrier...
  25. berobinson82

    Dallas Bonsai Garden

    I wanted to take some time to share a recent encounter I had with DBG. I know it's a lot more common for people to voice negative experiences with vendors; that is not my style. I needed a new concave cutter since my starter set was too small and dull for my liking. I went to the DBG website...
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