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    Korean Cherry

    Picked up this Korean Cherry from @bonsaibp's nursery today..Chopped it down, wired a few branches, bent the trunk and threw it in a pond basket where it'll stay for the next year or two....
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    Juniperus x Pfitzeriana "Sea of Gold" nursery stock

    Picked up this 5 gal juniper from the nursery a few weeks ago and did quite a bit of cleanup and repotted into a 3 gal training pot yesterday. I've been staring at it since I got it and I'm stuck on the style I want to move forward with.
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    Liquidambar styraciflua (American Sweetgum) ROR

    I collected these 5 rocks over the past few months, 3 maybe 4 granite (not sure what the upper left dark rock is), and 1 Lava Rock, and have been patiently waiting for this Liquidambar to be dormant for a bit. Last leaves fell mid-late November. Guy at the nursery said winter is best time to...
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    Monterey Pine Pruning/Wiring

    New to the forums and beginning to expand my Bonsai collection/knowledge and hoping to get some advice. I picked up a 5 Gallon "Christmas Tree" - Monterey Pine (Pinus Radiata) from the local OSH (Nursery) and re-potted in a 15ish gallon container with a mixture of pebbles, pine bark, sphagnum...
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