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    Ground Fabric

    Weevils seem to find them more easily too on the ground (in the UK at least)
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    Sekka Hinoki trouble

    My trees are tucked away at the back at the moment, will try to remember to take photos next time I reach them!
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    Keri-WMS's 6 year JBP entry thread

    This is about as good as mine get at this point!
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    Three year update!! 12/31/2020!

    Still in, pretty lame though!
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    Ebihara nebari musings

    This was actually a surface root off a bigger tree which was cut the year before, the rootlets happened to grow evenly and it developed a I took the hint that it wanted to be it’s own tree!
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    Shishigashira to buy or not to buy?

    I don’t need to avoid it, I can’t afford it!!!! :D
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    Shishigashira to buy or not to buy?

    I found two more in the UK! ;p
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    Shishigashira to buy or not to buy?

    Not cheap but not ridiculous either as they are rare here. They air layer really easily too! ;) I’d grab it and split it into three projects.
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    Mirai Live Plagiarized?

    I think one major advantage of learning from someone who did the time in Japan is you can trust what they teach. Some of the most POPULAR bonsai youtubers (insert rest of sentence as you feel fit! ;) )!!! I firmly believe that a minimum of 51% of what most people know, on any complicated...
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    Mirai Live Plagiarized?

    I kind of get the feeling the two main guys in the US ( :) ) have such different styles of presentation that they largely avoid each other’s market in terms of audience, but maybe the overlap % is pretty high? I’ve not seen the paid-for content though to be fair...
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    Mirai Live Plagiarized?

    Yeahhhh, crossed my mind too tbh! But I reckon we’re safe-ish at the friendly ribbing end of the spectrum with this one! It’s part of the everyday fly on the wall style that’s being used, it’s not all trees - we get to meet Bjorn’s dog and Ryan’s generator and see other behind the scenes things. :D
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    Sekka Hinoki trouble

    (Loads of edits, sorry) Re the differences, I’ve got Sekka and Chirimen and they are VERY similar, Chirimen has whitish bits under the foliage and is a bit less “bubbly” where the new buds/shoots are. Neither are anything like Nana Gracilis which is huge by comparison and in my case can be...
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    Ebihara nebari musings

    Ebihara’s method/s are covered or at least referred to in some detail in Meriggioli’s maple book, not sure if there’s any difference between that info and what’s in the 11 Kinbon pages though as I’m unable to compare them :/
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    Mirai Live Plagiarized?

    If there’s a lighter note to be found in all this, it has to be the minimal reaction to serious vandalism in one place, compared to the reaction to a leaky pipe in another! For the record both guys are awesome, just funny comparing that week’s videos. :)
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    Challenges with hardwood cuttings

    I wonder if dipping them in lime-sulfer before bagging might be one old school solution worth trying on a small number? Smelly though!
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    Mirai vandalized

    While I was watching it I was thinking if it was me I’d be hosing all the remaining trees for a day in case they poured weed killer in any pots! Apparently that happened to someone in the UK during an unpleasant divorce, lost every single tree. edit - I suppose the cctv might rule that out
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    Field Maple Advice

    I’d be tempted to use the very lowest front/tight branch as the leader as it can be wired still, but cut back to it in two stages to prevent cut only being made after the first cut covers the trunk in back buds/shoots. Also you could sneak some wire or zip ties round each root...
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    Please Share your Photos

    Pretty good for a park tree!
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    Looking to trade bonsai today magazines

    I’ve got loads of duplicates I keep meaning to eBay but sadly I’m in the UK!
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    More twisted shimpaku

    Good plan, I found Blaauw far far easier to root than (my particular) Itoigawa
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    Merry Christmas! Show us your Bonsai gifts

    Heaps of information for me! :D
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    The Tree Thread

    Senjumaru JBP which seems to have some sort of fruit!
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    And another juniper, San Jose this time.....

    I find they are easily grafted with Itoigawa, basis side-grafts, no need to mess about with approach grafts etc...
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    Kaizen Blog

    The last bonsai I bought was from them, an imported Senjumaru JBP, but you’re right, it looks like that they grow a lot of their own stuff as well. Most places rely on imports mainly though I think? Rows and rows of identical stick-like Deshojo every spring for instance!
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    Kaizen Blog

    Plants were mainly free to move within the EU which we might lose, and AFAIK most Japanese imports came via big hubs in Holland? So even if there’s a new route from Japan straight to the UK that scale of economy has gone. We’ll see I suppose.
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