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    Wiring an oversized San Jose Juniper cutting - 5 trunks

    I grabbed a bushy rooted cutting (3-4 yr old) and started wiring it indoors the other day as it was raining, didn't have too much of a plan so I didn't take any "before" photos and of course now I wish I had. I could reduce it to three trunks and it would be a more effective minimal image that...
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    New JBP, Senjumaru (Kotobuki sport?)

    I was looking for a Kotobuki to graft to my other JBP when I saw this Jap import, looked Senjumaru up and it appears it’s even better than (and related to) Kotobuki so I grabbed it! I took a photo compared to a straight JBP 2yr tree to show how the needles compare. It’s in really compact...
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    ROR Tridents: all roots EATEN!!!

    Unimpressed! ..and another... now I have two large expensive cuttings. Fingers crossed!!!
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    Weevil Larvae vs Quince

    I’m repotting my quince and 70% have had all their roots / lower bark eaten! Pots full of fat smug looking Larvea. Actually one tree has started growing new roots/nebari in a natural insect-powered ground layer!
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    Field Maple

    I bought this one as a bonsai but it was very weak with loads of root rot, compacted old gritty soil and a woodlouse hotel in the pot. So I overpotted it to let it recover for two years. This spring I decided to start dealing with the rootball. I had to cut back fairly hard to get the imbedded...
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    Zelkova ground layers

    I started these in April last year:
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    Big Deshojo (nursery stock)

    I dropped into an unfamiliar garden centre I was passing last month for a nose round and in the middle of their assorted £20-30 2-year grafted Acer display was this big old Deshojo with no price! Signs of old dieback but it’s in compost and it’s a very exposed windy location so I thought it’s...
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    Uk rainfall / root rot

    I’m finding horrible amounts of root rot as I’m repotting this year - maples mainly so far but junipers too. I’m switching to a better draining mix and will probably have to do EVERY tree as a result but I wonder if it’s partly due to the record amounts of rain and if it’s affected anyone else’s...
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    Loads of Bonsai Today magazines for sale - in the UK, will ship to USA etc

    I've been hoarding to try and get all 1-108 and once one last package arrives I've finally done it...! So I'll be selling all the duplicate issues, each row is sequential with no gaps, on some there are a few copies of each issue (in red). There's 59 different issue numbers up for grabs, more...
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    Dwarf Alberta Spruce 'Conica'

    I've been meaning to have a proper go at one of these for a while. First go at copper wire too, nice to use in an annoying kind of way... I normally hate these plastic training pots but actually for a 2-stage rootball reduction I suppose they are handy!!! Most branches left untrimmed / overly...
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    Keri-WMS's 6 year JBP entry thread

    Let's have a stab at this - southeast UK - seeds just bought: dollar_seeds on eBay, two packets of 10-off Mikawa JBP &, two packets of ?-off Mikawa JBP (also, if allowable) from an order I did in April 2017, "5 grams" of leftover plain JBP seeds Let's see...
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    Tree / Bonsai drawings / sketches

    Lets see some drawings of trees (large and small, not just bonsai!) including designs, computer drawn - whatever you've done and would like to share! :cool: The idea isn't for design feedback etc, more a gallery/scrapbook. I did these last week while on holiday, totally imaginary trees...
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    Chinese Elm - from Mallsai

    Just a progression - I got this group off eBay and split it up. This one needed a deep pot as the roots were in "two layers". I tried keeping the other two trees indoors to see if I could manage it - the mites had a go at them, one died and the other lost loads of This one...
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    Chinese Juniper - going to need a plan soon!

    I've been slowly shortening the (dead straight) branches on this for a couple of years to try and get some foliage on the more interesting areas nearer the trunk......and so far I've preserved all the branches I can so I've got more design possibilities. I've left more length on the thinner...
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    Dwarf Honeysuckle progression - Lonicera Nitida

    First thread! :p - 2012 - I dug this MANY years ago from my Gran's garden, and was going to air layer off all the branches but never got round to it. I decided to get a move on and treated the 1.5" offcuts as giant cuttings, most of which have rooted (in a bucket of water)...
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