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    Mancozeb on Juniper

    yes, remove all dead foliage before spray. Be aggressive, like repeat every 5 dys till you see vigorous growth again. It's very persistant.
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    RMJ brown needle tips.

    Looks fungal and very weak...treat with some mancozeb and let grow untouched for a yr to bush up.
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    Online source for copper wire

    IME, I've tried Adams Bonsai, Jim Gremel and Ryan's at Mirai. I grade them the same, Mirai > Gremel >Adams. I was really happy with Jim's, but when Ryan came out with his own I wasn't expecting much difference. But Mirai's is very noticeably more soft.
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    Lime sulfur

    I ended up not trying it and just stuck with Lime Sulfur.
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    Tips on repotting both the smallest and largest of bonsai using the Mirai methodology

    Gee guys, does it really matter what Rafael calls himself? I don't think so. But whatever, Rafael, keep your head high and keep trying to improve your art ;)
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    Bonsai and Beer in Portland OR

    Sorry I missed it guys. Hopefully another time ;)
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    Bonsai and Beer in Portland OR

    I may make it Josh.
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    A Few Trees To Share

    It's just something on the side. I started in '12. This yr I'm only doing one advanced study group...simply 5 days in the workshop. And Judy, lunch would be wonderful!
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    Class photo

    What a fantastic collection of trees Judy! Well done!
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    A Few Trees To Share

    Judy, ;) I've already found Mio Sushi! All the good food is downtown. I live about 20 mins away on the edge of Forest Park. Beautiful house and location. But I had to give up really good sun in keeping marital bliss for my trees lol House has total view eastward of Mt Hood, but practically...
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    A Few Trees To Share

    Thanks guys. I've successfully moved from Chicago to Portland OR. I now have all my trees at home! I'll do some updates later this yr.
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    Hi, everyone. For better or for worse, I'm back: very sorry for alarming everyone, and very grateful for everyone's support.

    Welcome back Will! I'm very happy to hear you've landed on your feet back in the PNW. I'm moving to Portland soon and perhaps we might have a chance to meet. Stay strong! ;) Chris
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    Anyone interested in Chicago Yew Yamadori

    Great. One I styled the first time last yr., and the second to be done this yr. The only thing I'd say is to try to leave as much foliage as possible, planted in 100% pumice. Sun and water was the only aftercare. Started ferts after vigorous growth starts. Good Luck Chris
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    Coast photos Oregon!

    Always sucks! And this is incredibly frigid right now! Of course, it's the coldest winter since I moved here almost 10 yrs ago. Hopefully we'll be out by May. Just in time for my week at Ryan's in July. And then, I can actually have the tree's we've worked there together the last few yrs...
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    Coast photos Oregon!

    That would be outstanding Judy. We luckily were able to land Mon night back home in Chicago. Last week in Portland looking at homes. So hard trying to find homes with a solid south or west facing homes with light. I don't think dormancy is going to be a problem as Ryan doesn't have any...
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    Coast photos Oregon!

    Thanks for sharing Judy. We are actually leaving Chicago for a move to Portland OR in the spring! Three great reasons: family, bonsai and stunning beauty...oh, make that 4..No Snow! ;)
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    Thermostats For Sale

    I bought that unit Judy, it's awesome! So much better than the old mechanical one I too was using. Thanks again! Chris
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    Thermostats For Sale

    That looks really good, Thanks Judy.
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    Thermostats For Sale

    What did you replace them with Judy?
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    Some pics from Golden State Bonsai Federation convention last weekend

    This is why I don't post here anymore...I don't know why people have to bring their political views into every aspect of bonsai!...the Climate Change thread is another good example. I wish we'd prohibit ALL political talk here and keep it on the hobby and our trees. Now back into seclusion.
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    When to repot pyracantha

    Thanks Brian!
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    When to repot pyracantha

    Hi Brian, I have a Pyracantha that's been in the same pot for 3-4yrs since collection.s Not much water perfusion so I can't put it off anymore. Just planning for the spring, but how aggressive are you with managing a root packed repot? Any other things I need to be aware of? Thanks Chris
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    Juniper Restyling Discussion

    HI Dave. I guess one can ask, what's better deadwood? The little piece of newish dw, or the awesome twisty trunk with old interesting dw. jmho ;))
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    Juniper Restyling Discussion

    I too like the first styling. The r. branch that was removed really added to the movement of the tree. Much more static/boring now imo.
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    Please post some of your trees... :)

    HI Darlene, please tell Dario that I said "Hello" and hope he's doing well.
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