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  1. Sekibonsai

    Ficus Retusa development

    Had this one about 5 years now. Haven't done much other than keep it alive. Two years ago I popped it into the 2 tone Dale Cochoy pot. I really like it but it is simply too small for a tree that wants to be repotted every year. Earl y next year I'll open it up and do a good wiring job so I...
  2. Sekibonsai

    Wedding bonsai

    Honorable son #1 got hitched 2 weeks ago. I was asked about a year ago if I would make the centerpieces- bonsai- Eventually we settled on boxwood and I purchased about 22 3 gallon trees from a local nursery that had some potential- heavier trunks, some good movement... Realizing I wasn't going...
  3. Sekibonsai

    Poo balls for breakfast- my fertilizing regime

    Up at dawn to fertilize the trees. Whenever asked what to fertilize with I tend to answer it is less important what you use than having a solid routine. My collection includes hundreds of pieces from natives, deciduous, to tropicals all in various stages and various soil mixes so I definitely...
  4. Sekibonsai

    Bonsai Monday

    Been a while so I thought I'd start a new thread because I'm too lazy to look for my old one. I'll give a bit more details here than I would on the Book of Faces. Bonsai Monday. A pair of Chinese elms... Leaving dormancy. Because you can never have too many "yer tree is ded..." comments...
  5. Sekibonsai

    A few March pots

  6. Sekibonsai

    Monster Crepe Myrtle development

    Somewhere, a long time ago, I saw a picture of a large crepe myrtle done by John Naka and I always wanted to do one. Logistically branches must be allowed to extend for flowering make it very difficult to pull off a smaller flowering crepe. That, and they just LOVE to die back on you so it...
  7. Sekibonsai

    FB Marketplace kiln

    So my wife went out of town... Probably 'nuff said right there... I've been looking for a bigger kil' and building one seemed a bit far off in the distance as I'm trying to fund all of this strictly from pot sales... this popped up 4 hours away. His abuela only made porcelain doll heads on...
  8. Sekibonsai

    First batch in a while

    Thought I'd give you a glimpse. Still getting my mojo back.
  9. Sekibonsai

    Bonsai Mondays

    A good friend of mine Dale Brock started this a few years ago and I started doing it as well. You may see our posts on the Book of Faces... great way to spread the art. And you can never hear it enough "I had one of those once..." These are not necessarily my greatest works. They are...
  10. Sekibonsai

    Valavanis Pine book on Ebay

    If anyone is interested.
  11. Sekibonsai

    Interest in tropical shohin/mame?

    I have acquired a moderate selection of tropical/sub-tropical mame/shohin- (more than I care to deal with) Probably $25-75 range. Ficus Nerifolia, F. Too Little, Pixie boug. Crepe myrtle varieties, a few Fukien Tea, etc. I have them in bonsai pots and also more "raw" material that is not...
  12. Sekibonsai

    Formal Upright Elm or other deciduous

    I'm looking for pictures of "traditional"/classic formal upright deciduous bonsai. Yes, the "dreaded" schtick pine tree styled deciduous trees that seem to have have fallen out of favor. I'm looking for ones that "work", really look good or are really interesting. Not interested in...
  13. Sekibonsai

    Collecting Hackberry

    Anybody collect in the fall- I have several "stumps" in an old cactus bed that are nice enough to collect bud I'd really like to get this bed cleaned up. I could wait but they are kind of an eyesore. I've basically cut them down to a few small low branches if any. First frost for me...
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