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  1. Sekibonsai

    Trident drill graft

    And some mothers eat their young!! :D:D:D:D:D
  2. Sekibonsai

    Two kinds of bonsai attitudes: Realists verses Traditionalists, or the Good Guys verses...

    I grew up in Schenectady and spent a lot of time camping up there. Part of my mental imagery is based on those images- stark trees on the edge of a dead pool (thanks acid rain)... Broken and battered by snow load and icy wind... These images have no relevance to over half my life living down...
  3. Sekibonsai

    Old Cedar Elm bonsai redux

    Why are you wearing a mask in your garage?
  4. Sekibonsai

    Old Cedar Elm bonsai redux

    Beautiful pot and tree combo!
  5. Sekibonsai

    Chinese Lacebark Elm? Maybe ?

    Yes, lacebark aka "Drake"... Will readily strike from cuttings (april-ish), root cuttings or seeds will grow very rapidly.
  6. Sekibonsai

    Bio-stimulant Hydroponics

    Accurate (career EHS professional). Unless you are occupationally exposed (concrete cutting, exposure to dust streams containing silica, a resident of desert areas)silica dust is rarely something to worry about. Silica solutions are a drowning issue long before they would become a silicosis...
  7. Sekibonsai

    Building a wet slab bonsai pot

    I was just wondering if you had switched to something else over the course of the 12 pages... :) I tried to make a simple one for a soap dish prototype from regular styrofoam egad what a frikkin mess!
  8. Sekibonsai

    Kintsugi: UPS Smashed My Brand New Pot

    I think people missed the part where this is not a great quality pot... a kintsugi thread literally just rose as a new post status... It recommends patent gold rather than powder. and a 2 part epoxy- do you have JB Weld?
  9. Sekibonsai

    My new boxwood that needs some work. Any ideas?

    Don't try to ram a rock in there. It always looks like ass. The nebari is what gives a stable image to the bonsai and is really one of the most significant features. I would cut flaps on either side of those carrots, treat liberally with hormone and pack with sphagnum. With some luck you will...
  10. Sekibonsai

    Building a wet slab bonsai pot

    So what is the best material to use for carving molds, Have you moved on form the big box insulating panels?
  11. Sekibonsai

    Diving into pottery

    From here it looks like warpage stress. maybe up the wall thickness a bit and try your joins when the parts are a little more dry than what those were... minimal handling as allegedly they would remember any bends.
  12. Sekibonsai

    Wedding bonsai

    One frantic call "I'm killing it what do do? and a visual confirmation of two dead (classic in their dining room, not watered for days... "I watered them this morning"... dafooq you did!! 😂🤣😂 classic. "The pot never dies."
  13. Sekibonsai

    Ficus Retusa development

    Had this one about 5 years now. Haven't done much other than keep it alive. Two years ago I popped it into the 2 tone Dale Cochoy pot. I really like it but it is simply too small for a tree that wants to be repotted every year. Earl y next year I'll open it up and do a good wiring job so I...
  14. Sekibonsai


    There is a weeping variety of bald cypress... not that you need it to justify artistic license.
  15. Sekibonsai

    How do I make a “good” bonsai ?

    Find good starting material. Seek out someone in your area to help you. Don't keep it inside...
  16. Sekibonsai

    Wedding bonsai

    Oh hellz no. My wife is still pissed. Probably drove my MIL up the wall- not that that part is bad :D... I was so wiped I drank two beers at the reception and still wouldn't drive home because I was worried I'd doze off.
  17. Sekibonsai

    Alternative to Lime Sulphur?

    Check out your flea dips. Many of them are lime sulfur.
  18. Sekibonsai

    Wedding bonsai

    I already had the soil sifted so planting was pretty easy. Yes. Made it to the church on time. Brought a few home to eventually share with the Covid bound guests who couldn't make it.
  19. Sekibonsai

    Wedding bonsai

    More ringers....
  20. Sekibonsai

    Wedding bonsai

  21. Sekibonsai

    Wedding bonsai

    So Friday 6am I finally have the kiln loaded and on... I am flipping switches to increase the heat in the kiln as fast as I dare. Finally they are all on and i catch 2 hours of sleep. I get up to check the pyrometer and calculate the heat rise. This sucker will not be done until 3 at least...
  22. Sekibonsai

    Wedding bonsai

    So Thursday wee hours were good for a few hour long jaunts between kiln controller adjustments and then a good 2 hour stretch. Up, crash cool the kiln and unload. Scrub all the bisque ware, dry it in the sun and wipe glaze into the bottom carving and wipe back. That night was rehearsal...
  23. Sekibonsai

    Wedding bonsai

    I grab 3 hours of sleep and when I get up they are approaching leather hard already so I set to cleaning them up. At this point most are too dry to attach feet- which would have been a lot of work anyway- also I had thought of putting a medallion with our house seal on it but that too went...
  24. Sekibonsai

    Wedding bonsai

    My son then asked about doing the favors... he wanted something that wouldn't be something that would get thrown away... " those serissa in the front bed... can you get those as a small plant? They can be bonsai or planted!" Okay, sure... but he didn't want to order them till a few weeks...
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