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  1. AboveBeyond

    Ground Acer

    Hi, another tree I have in the ground. This one is about 4-5 years in the ground. Any recommendation on where to cut the tree? I'm hoping to keep the double-trunk feature. Thanks!
  2. AboveBeyond

    Ground Trident

    Hi, I've had this Korean Trident maple in the ground for about 5-6 years. The base of the trunk is now 4-5inches. I want to chop it down and get it ready to be potted. Any recommendation on where to chop it? These pics were taken in early spring so the tree is now a mass of leaves. The...
  3. AboveBeyond

    So it begins again... Winter Moth infestation

    For the past 2 years, there has been serious Winter Moth caterpillars infestation here in Massachusetts. Last winter, all of my maples had leaf damage due to these caterpillars. Since they have no native predator, they spread like wildlife. What type of damage can they possibly do? I'm...
  4. AboveBeyond

    Wintering Spray

    What spray(s) is recommended before placing bonsai in their wintering location. In my case, it's a garage. It's around the corner when I shelter my bonsai in the garage (Thanksgiving). All of my deciduous trees have dropped their leaves so I think they're ready! Thanks!
  5. AboveBeyond

    Garage Heater for Overwintering

    I bought a indoor garage heater for wintering my bonsai year due to the harsh winters over the last couple of years which saw consistent temps in the teens and below. My garage is a good insulator but can't maintain the temperature when it reaches below 20F (and definitely not when it reaches...
  6. AboveBeyond

    Maple Leaves Drying

    I've noticed that many of my Japanese Maples have leaves that are dry up and eventually fall off. Am I over or under watering the trees? The good news is that I see buds after the leaves fall off. The bad news is that some trees have lost a lot of leaves due to this. Thanks!
  7. AboveBeyond

    Bonsai Wiring Essentials online video - with Colin Lewis

    I just ran into this free online video for wiring. It's about 40mins long and does a very good job explaining wires and how to wire. Probably the best video on wiring I've seen. He has another video (purchased required) but I think I'm going to get that based on the quality of the wiring...
  8. AboveBeyond

    Vicicous Pests - Help ASAP!

    These pests are overtaking the tree! Any ideas how to get rid of them? Should I use the Siegfried & Roy Spray? :D
  9. AboveBeyond

    New Camera Setup, New Pics

    Thanks to Eric Group and Barrosinc for motivating me to finally get the proper lighting and background for taking pics. I bought 2 softbox kit and a black background. Here's the results of tonight's photoshoot. Comments and critiques are welcome (either photography quality or the actual...
  10. AboveBeyond

    Pest Identification

    Can someone ID these? They are causing my Japanese Maples to wilt with the new soft growth being the most impacted. I ordered Insect Soap Spray and will start applying as soon as I get it. However, f this doesn't work, any suggestions for other insecticide? Thanks!
  11. AboveBeyond

    Literati Satsuki

    I picked this Azalea Satsuki for Independence Day at NEBG. For a satsuki, it has sparse growth pattern and the branches are fairly flexible. I like the current front (pic #1) but there's a few of my observations: 1) The branches need to be reworked. The largest branches are at top so those...
  12. AboveBeyond

    Chinese Elm Disease

    My ground planted elms have some serious issue with this disease. It's worsening becuase it's spreading throughout the tree. What is it and how do I treat it? Thanks!
  13. AboveBeyond

    JBP field grown help?

    I've planted this JBP about 3 years ago and it's grown very well. It's probably 5 feet tall (planted as 6-8 inches). I've been pruning the candles to 2 to prevent whorls. I think right now it's tall enough that I'll let the leader to grown untouched (the "V" being the leaders). A few...
  14. AboveBeyond

    First Boxwood

    I just picked up this "Wintergreen" Buxus microphylla at a garden center. It immediately caught my eyes because of the twin trunk and nebari. The trunk is about 2.5 inches and it's currently a huge bush measuring at 30inches tall and 36 inches wide. Since I'm new to boxwood, is it okay to...
  15. AboveBeyond

    Where to buy Sharps Pygmy?

    Anyone know where to buy Sharps Pygmy JM? Specially rooted cuttings or pre-bonsai material. I tried Evergreen and Telperion but both don't have it. Thanks!
  16. AboveBeyond

    Japanese Maple for Front Yard Tree?

    Does any one have any suggestions for a JM as a front yard tree that's is medium height (12-20ft). It'll be in full sun and since I'm in Massachusetts, the weather can get extreme (such as 110ft of snow this winter!). One that I like is Katusura...
  17. AboveBeyond

    JBP Candle

    This JBP candle looks strange to me due to it's roundness. Any ideas what's causing this? Thanks!
  18. AboveBeyond

    Return of the Caterpillars!

    Anyone battling with these guys every year? I walked around and saw that most of my deciduous trees are being eaten by caterpillars. I sprayed Thuricide (BT) this morning and will continue spraying until they're gone. What's your course of action with these guys?
  19. AboveBeyond

    Fungus on Hawthorn?

    My ground planted hawthorn has been getting these strange growths. Does anyone know what it is and how I can get rid of it? Thanks!
  20. AboveBeyond

    Watering in Wintering Shelter

    What do you guys use to prevent water overflow when watering your bonsai in the wintering shelter? I have my trees inside my unheated garage with plants trays underneath each tree. However, the water eventually overflows after a couple days of water because the water doesn't evaporate. Some...
  21. AboveBeyond

    First Hard Freeze

    It's expected to get 23F tomorrow night for me. However, I still have all of my trees (maples, pines, satskukis, junipers, quinces) out in my yard in their pots. There's already been a couple of light freezes nights but this is the first hard freeze. Should I keep them out in the yard or...
  22. AboveBeyond

    New (Old) Trident

    I got this tree in the summer because I really liked the Bald Cypress-like nebari. I haven't touched it at all since I bought because it was not growing vigorously and I would go as far as to say it had a very weak amount of growth. So, first and foremost, I want to get it back to full health...
  23. AboveBeyond

    Fieldgrown Branch Loss?

    Are the branch loss seen below natural or was it bitten off by an animal? It looks to be snapped or bitten off to me but I'm not sure if that's the case. I do have rabbits in the vicinity of where I ground planted the tree so in my head, I'm thinking it those darn rabbits! :p Thanks!
  24. AboveBeyond

    JM Kiyohime Progression

    I got this Japanese Maple Kiyohime last summer and trunk chopped it this spring before the buds leafed out. I was worried initially in the early and late spring, because it only pushed out a few leaves but now its growing like a weed. The chopped I made for the branch that would be the new...
  25. AboveBeyond

    New Shohin Azalea Styled

    I got this small Azalea a couple weeks ago and styled it over the weekend. The top thick branch near the apex that extends right will eventually be removed. I'm waiting for new buds to grow at it's base to create a new thinner branch (see last pic for virt). The backside is lacking at the...
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