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    Does anyone know what this is.

    All these white things are at the base of my contorted quince extending up some branches. Looks like some kind of pest. Just not sure what it is/if or how it should be treated. This was repotted in the fall and is now covered with extending flower buds/roots through the bottom mesh, so it seems...
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    Which would you get

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    Stewartia Monadelpha

    Has anyone ever had any luck air layering or ground layering one of these? I bought one a few years ago, which only had three large roots shooting straight down at the base. I was told that it would layer easily, so it’s been in the ground with bands (zip ties) around each of the three roots.It...
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    Ueno Yama maple

    This is an Acer palmatum ‘Ueno Yama’ air layer that I would like some input on. The variety is much like katsura but grows very vigorously and has great twigging. I generally prefer tall thin maples so Im not planning on an aggressive chop. The lowest branch has been wired up and is just as tall...
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    Developing deciduous foliage pads

    Any suggestions on the process of building foliage pads. I get the 2d nature of it, fan out the branch tips, but eventually that will result in a bare middle with leaves at the periphery. Im missing the 3d nature/vertical component. Here is a maple recently wired.
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    Root grafting

    How do you decide when a root Graft has taken? The picture below is on a European beech. When repotting in the spring, I cut a grove in the trunk in an area with a gap in the roots. I took a small root and Looped it backwards towards the trunk and fastened it into the groove. The root is about...
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    Chojubai root over rock start

    Thanks for everyone who replied to my previous post regarding Soil attributes for chojubai. Finally got a red one, and it looks very healthy. My goal would be for it to look like this in 35 years... my first question is, from what I read quince should be reported August/September. Average...
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    Soil mixture for Chaenomeles-specifically Chojubai

    I have a new chojubai on the way, just a small sampling, as well as a much larger Chaenomeles speciosa 'Contorta’. The contorta has been in the same soil for about three years, so I plan to repot it in about a month. The new chojubai I am sure I will repot as well. I have read a lot about soil...
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    Anyone with picea orientalis?

    Does anyone have any good examples of oriental spruce that they are currently growing. Can’t find any real good examples, but they seem to grow very densely, and are a great option for me since I’m in a warmer climate (7b). The very dark needles are also a plus I think. I have a small seedling...
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    Verticillium wilt (I think) in grow bed.

    Lost my air layered acer campestre carnival. It has grown and died back and grown and died back since spring. Ive been removing wilting limbs and using copper fungicide but the whole plant finally died. It was growing in my grow bed of predominantly maples. No other plants are showing symptoms...
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    One root wonder

    So I took an air layer from a viridis Japanese maple Last year. I potted it up after removal, and it has done great. The trunk is probably 3/4 of an inch thick. When I went to repot it over spring, I found that it had a very strong root system, but every root emanated from a single root coming...
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    Sugar tyme crabapple

    This is a 10 year old or so cutting grown crabapple that I bought from Evergreen Garden works. It has lived through immeasurable errors in learning through the years, but is quite healthy now. It has large flowers, and large leaves, so the plan will be for it to be a larger bonsai. It has an...
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    Aggregate size

    OK, I may be overthinking this, but I haven’t been able to find a clear answer. This may be because there is no clear answer, so I am interested in what others do. I have a soil sieve set that allows me to separate aggregate size as follows. <2mm, 2-4mm,4-7mm, >7 mm. My question is, for...
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    New spruce coming

    I have 4 young spruces comng. Oriental,Blue,norway, black hills.The first three will grow in this area, the Black Hills Spruce may be a stretch. I’m in zone seven. My understanding, is that spruce do not like drastic root work. So, My thought, was to grow these out in a pond basket so that air...
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    Keep it or trash it

    This oak started growing in my flower bed. Deer have been training it so far. Not sure the variety, but outer nodes are pretty tight. Would you keep it to develop or toss in the compost pile. Cant stay where it is.
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    Growing out Japanese white pine

    Here are two pictures of Japanese white pines that I have grown out from one year seedlings (own roots). They were in containers, but I planted them in the ground about two years ago to try to get them growing faster. The trunks, are now about a half inch thick, and the trees are about a foot...
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    Japanese maple and kanuma

    I have read that Kanuma is good for Maples since it holds water well, and is acidic. But people use various amounts in their mixtures. How much, is too much? Could Japanese maple be grown in 100% kanuma? How about 50% wih 25% pumice, 25% bark? Or, would these higher concentrations hold too...
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    Beech bonsai soil

    Hopefully I can start this thread without causing a war. I picked up my first beech (fagus sylvatica) at the winter silhouette show. I am in Greensboro NC, zone 7. The tree was in a 1 gallon pot (tree was planted in grow bed for winter) is about 13 inches tall with about 1/2-3/4 inch trunk...
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    Multi-trunk Japanese maple

    I was hoping get some opinions as the best course of action in the development of a multi-trunk Ueno Yama that I am working on. Each of the trunks was air-layered two seasons ago. The planting was initially 5 trunks and was planted in a large container last year. There was very little growth in...
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    Air Layering Japanese maple

    This thread may already exist but I was unable to find it. I have Many cultivars of Japanese maple that I am considering taking air layers from. I was hoping for reference to start a list of Japanese maples that people have been able to successfully grow on their own roots (air layer or...
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