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    Bonsai Esprit

    I am in the process of trying to find a copy of Bonsai Espri April=Mat from 2016. If any one has a cop and would like to sell it please let me know. Also would like to know where I might find a lot of the od copies, just love this magazine when it was printed in English. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP...
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    Wiring a Stewartia

    I am getting three Stewartia trees next week. They will be wired together so that the roots will fuse together. making a triple trunk tree. My big question since the bark wounds so easily, how long do you leave the wire on all the branches that need to be flatten out from their vertical growth...
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    plants needed.

    😁 HELP,, I need to find three (3) Stewari seedlings or transplants for sale. Need them for my Bonsai collection, willing to pay up to $10.00 each. THANKS FOR ANY HEIP. Robert
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    wood for bonsai

    I WOULD LIKE some suggestions on how to use this
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    These are pictures of the Maple large bonsai I am working on. please send comments
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    pine wiring

    I have 6 ponderous pines that are 5 years old. They need to be wired now , my question is with the long needles can some of the needles be under the wire and if so what happens t them. If anybody has any ideas please let me know.
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    bonsai in the future

    I am in the process of digging up a 10 year old Japanese Maple with about 3 to 4 inch trunk. I want to place it into a large growing tub. What I need to know is can it root prune the 6 larger roots that seem to be holding this tree in the ground. I will save most of the large roots but it won't...
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    i just picked up a Double Take Scarlet QUINCE. It is about 8 inches tall twin trunk lots of movement I want to know are these a good project to form into a medium size Bonsai. It has nice branching now. Also I picked up a Sorbaria sorbifolia Sem fales Spirea and would like to turn it into a...
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    Siberian cypress for bonsai

    I am working on a five year old Siberian Cypress Microbiota decussata that is still in its 3gal nursery pot. I would like to know if anyone has ever used this plant for a bonsai.. I am going to trim the under dead branches that didn't get any summer light, I think that with the right amount...
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    candle pruning

    Hello fellow bonsai people, I have just received a Pinus contorta Willow Creek Lodgepole pine. The candles are getting long now, the major ones are about 1-1/2 inches long. I need to know if its ok to candle prune them. All my conifers are still in the dormant stages as we are still in 40...
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    soil mix

    Is their any benefit to mixing Kiryu and pumice together. I am strating to get a collection of rare and endangered conifers plant and seeds. I want to get the very best mix of soils fro them. The trees are around 5 years old and the seed will be new sprouts from now until spring. Thanks for...
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    frog on pottery

    I saw a pot on your web site called' frog on a pot' It was on Wild Things Bonsai Studio & Yakimono no Kokoro, I would like any information on this pot. I think it was posted around Mat 22,2015. It is a small pot about 3 inches with a wicker type decoration, with two arms and a rod that forms a...
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