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  1. Jason

    Chojubai quince

    Why does my well fertilized Chojubai in boon-like mix look variegated this year?
  2. Jason

    Muranaka Trident

    Purchased air layer 12-2012 (sorry about poor photo)
  3. Jason

    Trunk graft Pinus Parviflora?

    I feel like I should be able to answer this question with a simple google search, but I'm not having any luck: Can white pine scions be grafted onto leggy white pine trunks (or black pine trunks)? I did a search and found some progressions and pictures of people doing it with black pines on...
  4. Jason

    Anyone done a thread graft on a Hornbeam?

    I'm finally getting some "specimen" trees from my growing beds. (by that I mean trees thick enough to pot up) I have a Korean Hornbeam that I've had in the ground for around 10 years (2 states, several moves). Today I dug it and put it in a training pot. It has had root work done about every 3...
  5. Jason

    Trident Stump Starts

    Last year I got some new Trident stumps to work on. I needed something to do since lots of my collection is back in the ground (poor material that has to develop some character). I posted these on another thread but didn't want to hi-jack the thread. So I'll post a couple pics of each. I'm...
  6. Jason

    Need Translation

    So I've noted that many people on this forum seem to have language skills that I lack. Anyone able to translate this? I don't really know where to start. :confused: I'd like to think it means "rest room" but I'm not so sure.
  7. Jason

    Bark features of container grown vs. ground grown trees.

    Vance Wood posted this on another thread: "The quest for the "Instant Bonsai" is the root of all the problems. Many just beginning the hobby/art don't want to hear that it takes usually ten years to develop a decent bonsai from raw material. These individuals are then flooded with a plethora...
  8. Jason

    Initial styling (reduction)

    This spring I picked up some new Trident stumps. They were field grown and were dug up and put into Anderson Flats after washing off the roots (mostly). I thought it would be prudent to give them this summer to recover and then begin an initial styling (which will include some drastic trunk...
  9. Jason

    Attention hemlock lovers

    Can anyone help a hemlock rookie out? This is a hemlock I collected with a permit about 7-8 years ago on the Olympic Peninsula. I just moved this tree from a grow flat (where I let it recuperate for way too long) to an oversized training pot. It seems very happy and has put out lots of new...
  10. Jason

    A Transient Art

    I always like to think of bonsai as living sculpture. The fact that it's never finished can seem kind of romantic but it's transience can also be really really frustrating. Case and point. Here's my morning: I'm running kind of late for work and I'm in sort of a hurry but I scan some of my...
  11. Jason

    Hawthorn (aka U.S.Y.)

    I call this tree my urban swamp yamadori. This tree bites (maybe in more ways than one). The thorns on it are a good 1/2-3/4 of an inch and it has made me bleed on several occasions. I dug it up from some semi urban wasteland close to 3 years ago. Trying to figure out who actually owned the...
  12. Jason


    Since the rain continues to fall... heres some repotting pictures. This is a plum that is tired of it's nursery pot (it told me). It was in bloom but I dutifully plucked off all it's blooms a few weeks ago (except one). Honestly, it killed me a little. Hope I see those flowers again. :o
  13. Jason


    So it's been raining here for days and my repotting has come to a standstill. I'm getting bored and it's either time I build an ark or post a I'll go with the latter. In 2003 I moved to the Kitsap Peninsula in WA from zone 5 (Green Bay). I had been trying to do bonsai in zone 5...
  14. Jason

    Dead wood on deciduous

    Maybe this has been beat to death somewhere else but I couldn't find a thread on it. I've heard it said that dead wood is never really appropriate or desirable on a deciduous tree. I've found however that some of the most interesting deciduous trees have uro's, or other trunk features that...
  15. Jason

    Trident dead wood

    So, I've been growing tridents in the ground for a few years but I got impatient and went and purchased a couple trunks with quality nebari and larger trunk diameter. I've been feeling like a kid with a new toy. Now that I've had the material for a few days I've realized that a couple of my...
  16. Jason

    Bonsai as a crop/industry

    So just curious on peoples thoughts and perceptions (for the sake of conversation)....I've never been to Japan but frequently see pictures of "Bonsai fields" where they seemed to be farmed as a cash crop (a very slow cash crop). Has this been standard practice there for eons or is this a recent...
  17. Jason

    Grilling with the potensai

    Just enjoying the evening with some prospects;) (Don't rip on my wiring....I'm just getting started)
  18. Jason

    Anyone used this stuff??

    So, I've been gradually running out of fertilizer and soil components, and I'm in the midst of repotting half of my very modest collection. I was in need of some more fertilizer. Although I'm a skeptic and have always just used cheap liquid fertilizers (along with slow release chemical...
  19. Jason


    Do yo ever feel like practicing bonsai makes you appear eccentric to the general population? I've given up caring for the most part (used to be a closeted bonsai grower) but still feel like people do double takes when they find out you care about growing trees in pots. I think they think I'm...
  20. Jason

    Did I fertilize too early??

    I live in zone 8b in the Willamette Valley, OR. The buds on many of my deciduous trees (Hawthhorn, Maple, and quince) were starting to swell. Most of my trees are in turface, pine bark, granite mixture (some have some lava). I got spring fever and fertilized with some of the slow release...
  21. Jason

    Did I fertilize to early??

    I live in zone 8b in the Willamette Valley, OR. The buds on many of my deciduous trees (Hawthhorn, Maple, and quince) were starting to swell. Most of my trees are in turface, pine bark, granite mixture (some have some lava). I got spring fever and fertilized with some of the slow release...
  22. Jason


    So I collected this landscape juniper from someones yard with good intentions about 5 years ago. It seemed to have potential at the time (I used to think everything had potential). It had lots of deadwood, a two inch trunk, some taper, and some character. Then I stared at it for about five...
  23. Jason

    Newly collected berberis

    I had been thinking about collecting this tree (bush) from a hedge in my front yard for about two years now. I Finally got around to it yesterday. I reduced the top growth by about 60% but I still feel I have a way to go. I'm wondering if I can keep going now or if I should let it rest for...
  24. Jason

    Root work on in-ground trees

    I have a fair number of primarily deciduous trees (Tridents, Japanese maples, elms, crabapples,etc.) planted outside in rows for development of trunk diameter. I live in Oregon in the Willamette Valley which I think is about zone 8b. The majority of them have been in place for 3-5 years and...
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