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  1. drew33998

    Front becomes back. Sacrifice becomes permie?

    Just thought I’d post an interesting subject,KJ, for discussion. Originally I was growing the left side long and strong to build a thick base for the permanent tree on the right that would stay shohin sized. Now I’m wondering if the left side shouldn’t be thought about being kept. In any case...
  2. drew33998

    Japanese quince “Texas scarlet”

    This quince is having major issues. I’m wondering if it picked up a fungus. I have been treating once a week with daconil since the leaves started showing issues. They all turned yellow and had red and brown spots. It almost appeared to be a nutrient deficiency. I was thinking it was a...
  3. drew33998

    The best advice from bonsai masters youve gotten

    Just that. Post the best advice from a bonsai professional or other skilled hobbyists that you may have seen or heard that you would recommend for others.
  4. drew33998

    Build a better mousetrap

    Saw this guys videos and I couldn't help but think of you guys up north. Some pretty cool ideas
  5. drew33998

    Dying tips on shimpaku

    Anyone know what this could be? A small percentage has it. Maybe 20 percent on half the trees. It has been very hot here. No fertilizers have been applied in over 5 weeks. Looks like the center have been eaten out but it could be heat or fungal related too
  6. drew33998

    Dirty south red hawg

    Here is Judy's piglet less refined, dirty south cousin. 3 years in the making. Year one I chopped the tree down while it was still in the ground. Year two I chopped it again from the new leaders it had grown and did some basic trunk selections leaving about 5 or so. Year three I dug up all...
  7. drew33998

    Plant id

    Need help with a couple. Here's the first. Small woody shrub with flower clusters, alternate leaves.
  8. drew33998

    Soil structures and fertilizer

    A really good presentation by a renowned soil biologist. Really makes a lot of sense to use organic fertilizers. There’s a good part that starts at 12:00 talking about how do plants uptake nutrients. Also she states that 80percent of inorganic is fertilizers will pass right through the soil...
  9. drew33998

    Acer rubrum

    I thought I already posted this one somewhere but guess not. Anywho I did a huge chop to this tree in the field 2 years ago. Last year I excavated around the base, it was chosen for its already excellent nebari and smaller leaves than my other maples. I then excavated enough soil away to...
  10. drew33998

    Fungus on seeds

    Oh no I took some bags out of the fridge to look at them and one had several seeds with white fungus on them. I put several drops of peroxide in the bag. Are they toast?
  11. drew33998

    5 years in Napa oil dry

    I wanted to share the results of an experiment I conducted. I potted 7 shimpaku cuttings in napa oil dry 5 years ago. They have been in the same pots largely untouched except for me drilling holes in them last year to try to help percolation. I have fed with Osmocoat, Miracle Grow slow...
  12. drew33998

    Happy repotting

    Tall about a busy season. Kicking my butt physically and monetarily. Its about 3 weeks earlier than i would have liked but i had some trees breaking bud and most were swelling. Every year winter gets shorter. Eventually we wont have one. Anyways about 30 trees repotted and a dozen left...
  13. drew33998

    Boxwood from junk pile

    The damnest thing happened the other day. I noticed that this guy was pulling up some hawthorn bushes. I had been watching this sweet old procumbens nana for years that was by his driveway. I even asked him about it once a while back. So i was going by there everyday to see if he was...
  14. drew33998

    The "D" word.

    Yep i said it. My wife and i have been going through some difficult times ever since my son was born. We just stopped trying to get along and everything was a fight. Counceling didnt help and she is packing up and moving on. I really hate that it had to go this way and i have tried my...
  15. drew33998

    Florida gumbo clay

    Sitting on top of the bedrock in central fl is what we call gumbo clay. It is blue gray to green in color and impervious to water. This is known as the Hawthorn formation. It shows up often on jobsites will other fill dirt mixed in. I grabbed some the other day. The purpose- cut paste. I...
  16. drew33998

    Wakaebisu nursery find

    Stopped by one of my fav nurseries for lunch just to stroll and relax. Noticed two azaleas in the mark down area. $10 each. No tag. Yellowing foliage with spots. One of them had a decent trunk above soil line. I treated them with 3 in 1 spray heavily yesterday yo try to help knock out...
  17. drew33998

    Soil Alternatives-Post them up

    Anyone tried this stuff? Seems fairly expensive in comparison to most. I wish there was a better description on what it is made of. Only says Kiln fired. Looks to be a clay type aggregate.
  18. drew33998

    The end of net nuetrality?

    What are your thoughts on this? A little scary to think that companies will have even more opportunity to censor us and only show us content it will benefit from. Imagine a purely left of right internet service provider showing you something they are sure will cause panic and sway you to...
  19. drew33998

    Cheap potting supplies

    A thread for sharing seedling flats, pots, colanders, seedling media, etc, etc. Farmtek-seedling flats, pots, labels
  20. drew33998

    Other JBP varieties

    Just curious is anyone trying something other than standard jbp? I thought about mikawa but the seeds are expensive and i doubt the authenticity of it.
  21. drew33998

    Drew33998 six year black pine contest entry

    Official thread. Seed buying tomorrow.
  22. drew33998

    Feeding them southern pine beetles!

    I may not get the best tree in 6 years but im damn sure gonna have the healthiest southern pine beetle!
  23. drew33998

    Source for lava-east coasters

    Any east coasters have a source for lava rock? None of that 5lb bag bs either.
  24. drew33998

    San Francisco or nearby bonsai attractions

    So im going to go with my wife to see her family in union city Cali in a couple weeks. Family reunion for her. Im hoping to sneak away for a day to check out any bonsai shops or attractions. Anyone have any suggestions?
  25. drew33998

    Looking for large cascade pot

    I have been running into dead ends looking for a large cascade pot. Anyone have any suggestions?
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