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  1. drew33998

    Front becomes back. Sacrifice becomes permie?

    Just thought I’d post an interesting subject,KJ, for discussion. Originally I was growing the left side long and strong to build a thick base for the permanent tree on the right that would stay shohin sized. Now I’m wondering if the left side shouldn’t be thought about being kept. In any case...
  2. drew33998

    KAWA Bonsai- Crepe or Crape Myrtle Workshop with Bill V

    I’ll snap a photo but it hasn’t done much of anything being in a bonsai pot. Very slow growth
  3. drew33998

    Pine bark maple

    Smash like button x 10000!
  4. drew33998

    Pine bark maple

    Both maple experts on one post!!! Holy shit let me get pictures of my trees in this post for advice!!! You guys are awesome
  5. drew33998

    Today vacation: Begin Mesuki Kogetsu

    True true
  6. drew33998

    Today vacation: Begin Mesuki Kogetsu

    Can’t argue with results.
  7. drew33998

    Removing leaves on Flowering Quince (Japanese quince) in Winter.

    Of course if you want just the flowers then yes you can try to do that. Timing will be critical
  8. drew33998

    Removing leaves on Flowering Quince (Japanese quince) in Winter.

    You should leave them. The tree knows what’s best for it to do. Undoubtably it will start to push new leaves a couple weeks after you cut it. At least that’s what ours do in north Florida. Your winter must not be that cold either or it wouldn’t have leaves on it still.
  9. drew33998

    Puppy Advice Needed

    I’ve hd dogs most my life. Usually two at a time but they were always outside dogs until my ex moved in with her sweet little pit girl that changed my mind about the breed. Then couple years later comes the boy. I still have both. She is 13 and starting to go deaf and blind. She stayed with...
  10. drew33998

    Zelkova from Cuttings

    I would keep them outdoors covered but with a heat mat. You don’t really want the buds swelling and opening before you have roots during the winter. I believe I heard someone say that the optimal ambient air temp is 45 degrees and root zone temp of 80 degrees for root formation less bud swell
  11. drew33998

    Puppy Advice Needed

    I do when I’m feeling lonely but otherwise it’s in the crate. Too much dog hair everywhere. I love having dogs around but I’m thinking the next one will be outdoors 24/7 except in the really cold nights
  12. drew33998

    Puppy Advice Needed

    That’s right juds. Giving up was never an option. Luckily the warm bottle in the penguin did soothe him the next night and the rest is history. It really helped having an older dam in the house to show cooper his manners. She really didont take too nicely to him trying to latch on her...
  13. drew33998

    Flowers 2018

    All these never ending blooming azalea varieties they are coming out with. These were part of a dog with my local bonsai group earlier this year. May I believe. Flash was on in both shots. The pink one is really a nice red color
  14. drew33998

    Hawthorn cutting

    Speaking of heat mats. Anyone ever tried using a hot compost pile as a heat source for bottom heat? I am currently just playing with this crabapple I dug up. I almost said the hell with it multiple times. It’s in a pot about 12 inches down. Of course there is no heat control except for what...
  15. drew33998

    The Tree Thread

    70 degrees here today. ?
  16. drew33998

    Puppy Advice Needed

  17. drew33998

    Grip & rip special

  18. drew33998

    Dirty south red hawg

    Updated photos. What would you do?
  19. drew33998

    You Know Your A Bonsai Nut If...

    Brian your?
  20. drew33998

    The Tree Thread

    Here some color on this crepe myrtle. It got leggy for some reason after the last cutback. Still very early in its training. A rather unusual looking piece
  21. drew33998

    Progressive Maple Challenge - Amur maple #1 WP

    That pot is so on point for this tree. Love it
  22. drew33998

    Wych Elm (Ulmus Glabra) "Stumpy"

    It just looked like there were some stumpy branches that needed some taper cuts to ease the transition to the next level of branching.
  23. drew33998

    Chinese Elm Broom

    The pot is excellent. It just looks too wide now. Unless you plan on letting the tree spread out some. My tastes would be something as wide as the canopy currently but a free formish round or something. Edit: it looks better in the last photo you posted and i see you will let it fill in so...
  24. drew33998

    Chinese Elm post-trunk chop advice...

    Dont cut them off. Cover them back up. If you have thick roots with no taper then cut back to a pair of smaller roots or just a smaller root.
  25. drew33998

    Chinese Elm Broom

    Different pot?
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