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  1. McMaple

    Grown from a clipping of 10 year old (Austry Tree?)

    This smaller tree was a branch clipping i took from the Large tree in my yard, the larger tree is about 10 years old, if i am not mistaken its called an "Austy or Austry tree" couldn't find it on google but these trees dont grow in my area of Pennsylvania, mostly down south. right now i am...
  2. McMaple

    "SAGO PALM" what should i do about this arangment of growth!?

    Not too sure what to do here, this palm has recently grown 3 new branches, and the arrangement is kind of off. should i let it grow the way it is or how would i go about "balancing" it out. cut the BIG mature branch or...? not to sure here any input would be great! Thank You
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