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  1. Zac chandanais

    Chinese elm help!

    Hey everyone! I got this Chinese Elm as a Christmas gift from my wonderful mom. I know it was tough for her to pay what she did for a seemingly worthless (to her) tree. It is my first elm and I like it. No I am relatively new to bonsai still but I know this thing has a few “issues” structurally...
  2. Zac chandanais

    Should I keep this branch??

    I have no idea what type of juniper this is because it was not labeled when I bought it but I need some styling advise. There were two main side branches and then a straight trunk that went to the moon. I Jinned the “top” and used the upper most side branch as my new apex. My question is weather...
  3. Zac chandanais

    Juniper styling assistance

    Hey guys! been a while since I’ve been on but it’s good to be back. The last three years I have been traveling to ND for work 6 months at a time. Long story short, I left my girlfriend in charge of watering my trees and came home to a bunch bacon in pots.... luckily I was (and still very much...
  4. Zac chandanais

    Garden azalea to bonsai...I hope

    a couple mo that ago I was given the opportunity to dig up a garden azalea (not sure of the cultivar) from my landlords home. It was a big clump of stumps that were pruned back hard last year. I managed to separate the clump into a few different trees. (One died) but the rest are growing new...
  5. Zac chandanais

    should I chop?

    @Smoke (and anyone else of coarse) I got this maple at the beginning of the season. It's an acre palmatum seedling that sprouted green so it was cheap. It's very healthy in its current state. It's been pumping out new growth like crazy. I chopped it down from about 5' when I got it and just...
  6. Zac chandanais

    eBay elm... Ehh

    First off HELLO ALL! I haven't posted in a while but I have been lurking lol. So I got this Chinese elm off eBay for $25. It obviously wasn't the one in the picture (which I expected) but one thing I didn't expect was for the branching to be so carelessly constructed. I want to just chop the...
  7. Zac chandanais

    Another big juniper! ID HELP?

    picked up another big juniper from the same lady I got the last one. Need help with an ID though. The lady said "it looks like a grey owl" but it wasn't tagged and she didn't seem too sure. Any thoughts?
  8. Zac chandanais

    I.D. HELP?!? Elm?

    My landlord brought me outside and asked me if I want to look at a plant for bonsai that she found in the garden. It is growing under some type of cherry tree but the leaves are different. They look elm-like. There is an American elm growing about 20 yards from this spot but I don't know if a...
  9. Zac chandanais

    Procumbens chop or not?

    Stumbled upon another large procumbens. Got a killer deal on it so I had to take it. After cutting out all the dead stuff, this is what I'm left with. The only thing is, all the foliage is on top. I'm going to try and bend some of those branches down and out to make a better look. I am undecided...
  10. Zac chandanais

    Wisteria? Where can I get one?

    I've been admiring a lot of purple wisteria bonsai online lately and want to know where to find one. Is this something I could get at a nursery or do I have to order one online as prebonsai? Anyone have any experience with these? are the good for bonsai/ easy to care for? Any info would be...
  11. Zac chandanais

    My raft style azalea "stump"

    thought I'd share this. I pulled up a 15+ azalea from the yard and tried to divide the 6-8 trunks to make 3-4 trees and this little guy was growing off to the side all by himself and I immediatly thought raft. I'm new to bonsai so Ive never done a raft style before. Any tips or comments are...
  12. Zac chandanais

    Wiring help?

    can someone point me to any articles/videos on wiring? I made my first attempt yesterday and I think it's safe to say I failed lol Thanks Zac
  13. Zac chandanais

    Should I repot?

    I bought this trident Maple over the weekend and I want to know if I should repot it in a bigger pot to speed up growth a little bit. The roots are growing out of the drain hole in the bottom of this pot and its a pretty thin tree. Would be better to repot or no?
  14. Zac chandanais

    Juniper help!

    Got this juniper for 5$ thrown in a corner at a local nursery. It was too cool looking to let go. But I need help turning it into bonsai material. I'm afraid to mess it up too much! Any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. Zac chandanais

    Park's Bonsai Farm? VA

    Have any Virginians been to parks bonsai farm in Suffolk?
  16. Zac chandanais

    Blue star juniper nursery stock start..

    Picked this up from a local nursery. Cleared the trunk and a few low hangin branches that were blocking the "front" view. Any thoughts, opinions, or critique? Thanks!
  17. Zac chandanais

    Loblolly pine stump growth?

    i was walking in the woods behind my house and found a young-ish loblolly pine. The trunk was about 2" in diameter and the tree was about 6 feet tall with only about 5 small branches growing from the very top. I dug out around the root ball until I was able to pull the tree out. It had two huge...
  18. Zac chandanais

    Japanese maple cutting ?

    my landlord gave me the go-ahead to take clippings from any of the trees in the yard! This includes: Japanese maple Weeping willow (as discussed in a previous thread) Pussy willow (any good for bonsai?) And some sort of golden weeping cypress (which I thinks is super cool!) My main focus is on...
  19. Zac chandanais

    New to bonsai! Want a willow!

    hey everyone, I Want to get back into bonsai! And I say back in because I had about 5 trees that I had purchased "done" about ten years ago but I was 13 yrs old and let them die. I went to a horticultural show and was really intrigued by the "cool mini trees". I have recently gotten back...
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