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  1. Dirty Nails

    Japanese Red Pine repot

    I have a JRP I got this summer that is in a 12"x3" plactic pot with iffy soil. It is in need of a repot and root cleaning then into a proper pot with proper soil. Would you do this in fall or spring? From what I have read fall seems to be the best choice but I wanted to confirm with those who...
  2. Dirty Nails

    New Material

    People are saying there are not as many good trees being posted so I thought I would share 2 purchases I made this summer. The first is a JRP, the nicest material (and most expensive) I have owned, it makes me shiver. The second is an ume which I also really like. I am looking forward to working...
  3. Dirty Nails

    New Pots

    These are the first hand made pots I have purchased. I bought them all at the Nashville show last weekend from niteowl studios. The second one is a 10" round and the other is an oval 11" x 9" front and back.
  4. Dirty Nails

    JBP air layer

    This is a JBP air layer I took from a tree in my backyard. It has grown well this year but did not produce any "proper" candles like my other. Is that because it is getting adjusted on new roots? I think that I should not do anything to this tree this year but feed it and put some wire on it...
  5. Dirty Nails

    JBP candle cutting

    This is a JBP I bought from Bill V. this past spring. It had that funny hitch in the middle so I thought slant would be best. I stuck it in this terra cotta and it has grown really well. All I have done is pulled a few brown needles and fed it well. According to the Ryan Neil lecture now is the...
  6. Dirty Nails

    Zelkova trunk

    I have been growing this out for a few years and noticed this happening last winter. What do you think caused it and what will it do in the future?
  7. Dirty Nails

    Shimpaku ground layer

    I have a Shimpaku in a 3 gallon pot that I want to grow out in the ground. It has 2 long 1/2" + outside branches that I thought I could ground layer and make rafts. I have seen info on deciduous ground layer but not junipers. I am thinking if I plant it and stake down the branches in a couple...
  8. Dirty Nails

    Trunk chop tool

    I am getting to the point where I have some trunks to chop 5+". I did a few this spring and I must confess Cutting through a live maple tree is way harder than I thought. I tried the folding saw with Japanese writing that came with my initial (cheap) tools - it binds and twists and is not...
  9. Dirty Nails

    Shimpaku suggestions

    Here is a shohin size Shimpaku. I reduced the roots by half this winter and it is growing well. I think the foliage is ready for a wiring and then there is the dead straight trunk. Lay it on me....
  10. Dirty Nails

    Juniper cascade wiring

    Here is a juniper I have been growing out for about 5 years. First major wiring for cascade. I am self taught for wiring but comments and critiques are welcome.
  11. Dirty Nails


    Sunday's always make me philisophical and twice in the past day I have read a post that said "time is on my side" I must disagree and say that time is NOT on your side. Time is something that you never know how much you have until it is gone. Life is too grow bonsai from seed...
  12. Dirty Nails

    Japanese Maple ID

    Is this a regular palmatum/mountain maple or something else? The leaves look different than my others. There is no graft. I got it last fall from a semi bonsai nursery and really like it.
  13. Dirty Nails

    Key Lime

    Just wondering if anyone else is playing with key lime trees? I have 3 of them I have been growing from seed for about 3.5 years. They are my only tropicals and come inside when the temps drop below 50. Not even under lights just sit by a sliding glass door facing SE. They fade a little and drop...
  14. Dirty Nails

    Collecting opportunity

    I know a person that has a nice piece of forrested land outside Knoxville Tennessee and has given me permission to collect anything I like. I am going there in 2 weeks to look it over while everything is still in leaf and easier to identify then I will mark them and come back in late winter to...
  15. Dirty Nails

    New Juniper Parsonii

    Yesterday I was poking around our local bonsai shop and he had a bunch of juniper parsonii he wanted to unload. I got 2 for $30 with nice fat trunks. How could I say no? Here is the first one I styled today. Now I will let it sit until at least spring to get the pads to develop. There was a lot...
  16. Dirty Nails

    Accent plant questions

    I have some questions about accent plants I have not been able to find concrete answers to. 1. Do you need to use dwarf varieties of plants or do regular plants conform to pot culture like trees do? 2. What kind of soil do you use? Bonsai soil, fines from bonsai soil, dirt? 3. I have 3...
  17. Dirty Nails

    Make a friend

    With the bad vibes and bickering on a couple of threads I thought we could all use a virtual hug. Also after almost 6 months here I do not have one friend listed and that just looks bad. There is enough hate and animosity in the world, life is too short. So accept my challenge and invite 3...
  18. Dirty Nails

    Ancient Bald cypress forest

    Since BC are such a common bonsai subject I thought you all may find this interesting...
  19. Dirty Nails

    First shari/jin work - critique please

    OK here is my first workshop tree mentioned in another thread. I went to town on the jin and beginnings of shari. The jin are fuzzy, I am thinking let it dry out for a few weeks and sand it down. Comments or suggestions?
  20. Dirty Nails

    Live vein/ shari work

    I have 2 Shimpakus, 2 chinesis and 1 procumbens that are all youngish with trunks from 3/4" to 2". I want to develop some shari on them and have some questions that I am not clear on after research. 1. Are the live veins on junipers always able to be identified? I simply do not see them on...
  21. Dirty Nails

    New scroll - opinions?

    This is only my second scroll and I really like it although I know nothing about it but the price which was embarassingly inexpensive. Anybody have any info on it?
  22. Dirty Nails

    Trident maple branch die back

    What causes branch die back like this? I am trying to get tertiary branching developed but with this die back I am taking 2 steps back for every one forward.
  23. Dirty Nails

    Trident Maple grafting

    I have just a couple grafting questions. I have an older chop scar about 1.5" across near the apex I am trying to fix. 1. Can you do a thread graft through the middle of a scar? 2. When you do an approach graft or a thread graft can you use a branch that has hardened off? It is a runner...
  24. Dirty Nails

    First Shimpaku's

    I picked up these 2 Shimpaku's last week for $45 total. These are my first ones and I am OPEN to critique and comments. I did not touch the roots as it is late so I worked the top. The scond had a large branch which I snapped off. I guess you don't know how far you can bend until you've gone too...
  25. Dirty Nails

    JBP air layer advice

    I have a JBP in my garden and there are a couple of places ready for an air layering. This is my first time air layering and I don't want to screw it up. I've read some articles about it but mine seems larger than any others I have seen online. If they work they will have good trunks (2" +/-)...
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