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    Sos!!! I am confused and panicked, help please!!!

    Guys, I've had this Chinese Elm for three weeks now. It was going great the first week turning all new buds into healthy leaves. Then some of the leaves had white tiny spots appearing. It took me two weeks to realise with the help of some of you that I probably have spider mites, which makes...
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    A bonsai to save!! Help, please!

    Hello everyone, I was given this bonsai to save for free by a lovely owner a flower shop who was afraid it will die. The tree was fine till recently, I saw it two weeks ago in the shop and it was green, it looked good but very misshapen as it hasn't been pruned for too long. We discussed...
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    White spots on leaves and yellow leaves falling. What's the problem?!

    Hey guys, I've had this tree for two weeks now, when I got it it has recently lost all its foliage and had really many, many new buds. Consulted all of you here and was told to keep it outside and water properly. Thanks everyone for the useful tips. As you can see almost all buds have very...
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    Please help me keep my new Bonsai alive and happy!/Identification

    Hello everyone, A complete beginner here. I was given a bonsai as a present and since I haven’t had any luck with them so far, I would really like this one to survive so I would much appreciate your help and advice. I’ve read the basics… again… but I still feel unprepared and intimidated. I...
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