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    A Few Trees To Share

    Been working the big RMJ 3yrs, the smaller RMJ 1 yr and the Pondy 1 yr. All straight from pumice to 3 wks ago. Planning to work to 2 new rough stock Pondy's this weekend.
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    Little RMJ

    This was styled last summer and potted in Jan. Fun little tree
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    Anyone with a spare Larch Seedling

    I made a Larch forrest planting this spring w. 5 that had been in the ground for 3-4yrs. I had to place it on the ground while screwing down my new shelving to the posts. Anyway, a dog stepped on the smallest one on the perimeter and killed it. Does anyone have a spare 2-3 yr old Larch...
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    New Backyard Displays

    I've been working on this for about 6 wks off and on. All stands are 38-48" tall to keep my German Shepherds from eating the organics, and all 6"x6" post sunk in yard or stands with large feet for concrete pad. I stained the concrete pad last yr. Also a couple pics of the collected yews...
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    Needle Hardening Off Clarification

    Are Pine needles hardened off when they've opened up and have had a slight darkening? Or is it not complete until the full waxy covering has been established? Thanks
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    Ponderosa Pine #1

    Here's the tree in 2012 when I got it: Languished a bit last yr, but is more than making up this yr with tons of new buds. I think these pines love akadama as this is the only thing I've changed in my routine. Here's the...
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    Is there a way to view 'My Threads'?

    Ever since the forum upgrade, I've not found My Threads. There' My Content, but I have to search for awhile to find My Threads. Anyone know about this?? Thanks Chris
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    Pyracantha and Trunk Dev.

    I took a Pyracantha air layer a yr or two ago. Never had any prior experience with these, but have since learned what a slow grower it is. Wondering if I should just put it in the ground for a couple yrs. to grow out a new apex? It's in a small, 1/2g, green nursery pot now and is very healthy.
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    First RMJ Repot

    Here's a new tree fresh from the first repot out of pumice this weekend. Wanted a nicer pot but this is what fit best and Ryan had on hand.
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    Dealing With Escape Roots

    I've got to deal with some escape roots. For two separate reasons, one pot I ran out of shelf room, so I simply put it on the ground in my planting area. In the second, was a small 6 inch plastic pot that kept getting blown over in the wind. So I filled up the 12 inch pot with pumice, and...
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    Zerotol and Lime Sulfur For Sale

    Zerotol: .65 c/oz will sell 12 oz bottles for $7.80, pl shipping and cost of bottle (about $1) Lime Sulfur: .40 c/oz 12 oz bottles for $4.80 pl shipping and cost of bottle I need to judge interest in order to know how many bottles I need to order. So if interested, just state below...
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    Just back from Bonsai Mirai

    Just completed my second class with Ryan. I learned so much, again. This class was on summer work on out branches with beginning thoughts of basic design concepts. Also, deadwood creation, and live vein work. Got to clean the vein of a 1k y/o rmj that was absolutely...
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    Prophylactic Fungicide?

    My Juni's and Pine's are doing great. But, the heat/humidity/rains have come here and I'm wondering if I should do a prophylactic spray of copper here mid season?
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    Ponderosa Pine No 3

    This is a newly arrived PP that again, thought it deserved it's own thread. It's backbudding and ready to be worked. But I want to live with it before I make a decision, besides, not the time to be styling this anyway.
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    Juniperus × pfitzeriana 'Old Gold'

    Thought this tree deserves it's own thread. Collected around 5/15, but very close to the lake, = very cold and delayed spring growth. (there's still trees along the lake that still has no leaves on it!) Under shade, wind protection and 2min mister q. 4 hrs. I believe I'm already seeing...
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    Latest Acquisition, ? Urban Yamadori

    I've had my eye on this for awhile lol. No idea the kind, looks and feels like a shimpaku, but brighter green. Soft to touch. Any ideas? Anyway, got a good amt of roots and pretty much cut off nothing. In pumice under mister. 6'w x 4' d and appx 8" trunk. 4th pic is a 4" cup, but the pic is...
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    Rmj #2

    This is my newest RMJ to collection. Check out the color, the bright green looks like and feels like itoigawa. This is one of my favorites. Plan is to feed and get happy this yr.
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    Shohin Itoigawa

    This is my other import. The foliage is very thin, small and delicate. Very cool. Repotted this spring. Needs styling, cutting back, later this yr. Also need to start shari.
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    Other Projects

    Here are my more humble projects. A jm raft, three itoigawa whips I had around with nothing to do so I bent the hell out of them..only one got weak amazingly, jap. import chojubai in my favorite pot, procumbens.
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    Tree's arriving from Portland OR Today!

    I'm expecting Ryan Neil's truck to be pulling up any minute with the trees I bought from him and Randy earlier this spring. Damn excited. I'll post some pics later. I also set up my photo rig, black background and everything yesterday so I'll be updating my threads this weekend. Man, the "...
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    Deshojo, air layer or character

    I have a Deshojo maple that got damaged. I can either air layer, or leave as uro?/character? I'm not sure which avenue I should take.
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    Great New Peter Tea Blog Post Phenomenal tree and documentation.
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    Pyracantha Thorns

    Can I de thorn a pyracantha and still retain it's latent buds? Seems like they only bud from thorn sites... thanks chris
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    "Hard" Akadama?

    All I can find is 'hard fired' akadama...but which is easily crushed. Anyone know where to get TRUE hard akadama?
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    How to achieve an full air layer

    Last yr, I made an air layer that got hardly any e. sun, but tons of western sun all day. It worked, but half had hardly any roots/e. side, and was packed full on the w. side. Is there a way to avoid this in the future?
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