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    David Bull

    Don't know if you guys know about the woodblock printer David Bull. He is an Englishman who left to live in Canada and a youngster and the moved to Japan about 30 years ago to study woodblock printing. Today he is one of Japan's top woodblock print makers. I collect his prints - they are...
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    New items listed on the Bonsaibasho site

    There are some new goods comming up for sale and auction this year now on BB. For you guys in the US there are a few nice pots which can be shipped. The best is a Derek Aspinal Landscape oval which is admittedly not going to go cheap but its superb, perfect and huge. There's also an ichiban...
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    Kevin Willson Olive Video 1

    Hi all, sorry its taken so long but I ended up with 4 hours of footage to edit. This is the first video in a series of what might end up as 6 of Kevin Willson carving and setting a big olive. We also recorded an interview with all of your questions answered so that soon too. Enjoy...
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    Questions for Kevin Willson

    H all, we are making a video and spending a day with UK bonsai pro Kevin Willson in a couple of weeks. Normally we just make a film and hang it up. It occurred to me given the chance what would BNuts want to know from the guy. Kevin is known as a a master carver and he is going to rework a big...
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    Images from East Meets West Exhibition Poland

    There are two links here from BB One is a report from Kevin Willson on the recent East Meets West Exchibition Wroclaw Poland. Demonstrators included Tasiga urushibata JAP, Rob Kempinski USA ,Jarek Lenarczyk from Poland, Vaclav Novak from Czech Republic, and Kevin Willson UK...
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    Omachi Gambate - Pot Auction

    A pot which was recently up for sale has now been donated for us to auction for the Omachi Gambate Fund. This is a Derek Aspinal pot recently up for sale for $300 and now for auction with no reserve- so best bid wins. BB will donate shipping up to $50 as part of the donation. The price is in...
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    Kevin Willson Gallery

    This is a nice gallery of Uk Bonsai Pro Kevin Willson's trees. Hope you enjoy. Phil
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    Reworking the deadwood on a larch

    Thought I'd share this with you. I have a yamadori larch which has had a tough time. It needed a rework but lacked character and possibilities. I decided to run with my gut and re carve into more of a sleepy hollow spooky winter image. This is a bit of fun but why not. I have been testing a...
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    Japanes Beech - Spring canopy Reduction

    Hi all Just thought I would share this article about canopy reduction and leaf trimming in Japanese Beech. I have had this tree for a couple of years and I'm building up to some more serious work next year. This year I'm working on increasing the number of viable buds by getting some sunlight...
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    Elm Identification

    Hi all This is an elm collected in the UK BUT...... It has wings like Ulmus Alata which is found in the US but rare in Europe. I was wondering if any of you good people could look and give me some input towards an ID. I have been told some hybrid Alata came in through Holland about 100 years...
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    Best of British Bonsai 2011 Gallery 2

    This is the second gallery of pics from Best of British. There are two stunning Blackthorn specimines here which are really wonderful. A Shohin gallery is comming. [URL][/URL
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    If Bonsai is Art Is Art Bonsai?

    Thought id share this with you guys, an English sculpter who makes bonsai - No he really makes bonsai - take a look. What to you think? Throws the whole old question of is Bonsai Art on its head. The boot is on the other foot - can we answer the question is this Art Bonsai? Whatever you think...
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    Bonsai Inspirations - Harry Harrington

    Can I share this review with you. Some of you may know of the website which has for the last decade been sharing some great stuff. The author Harry Harrington from the UK is a really down to earth guy and he has a real flare for bonsai creation from scratch. Now he has...
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    Best of British Bonsai 2011

    Hi guys We just though we would share some of our pictures from the Best of British Bonsai show at Birmingham England. There will some more comming, hope you enjoy. Bonsaibasho
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    This Article on Bonsai Basho - English Elm

    This is an article on the English Elms with some nice Yamadori for you guys. We used to have 25 million elms in the Uk and now we have no more than 10 mature trees. The suckers from the roots however make for good bonsai.
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    Noelanders Gallery 6 - Shohin

    This the last of the gallery pics taken at Noelanders. These are some of the Shohin and Mame on display. I have yet to add the credits to artists.
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    Noelanders Galery 4 & 5

    Links bellow to the next two galleries from Noelanders Belgium.
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    Noelanders 2011 Galleries 2 & 3

    Hi all, here are the next two galleries from Noelanders - probably will be five or six in all. Gallery 2 is the forest and clump style trees Gallery 3 is the winning mugo pine by Luis Baleno - it is truly something.
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    Noelanders Trophy Belgium - Gallery 1

    Hi all I wanted to share this gallery with you on Bonsai Basho. This is the first gallery of English bonsai shown at the Noelanders Trophy. I hope you all enjoy - I will post several more in the comming week or so - some truly wonderful trees...
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    Bonsai Techniques for Satsuki

    This book is now 30 years old and is as rare as hen's teeth. It is the only book on satsuki written by the Great John Yoshio Naka with Richard K Ota and Kenko Rokkaku. It is the definitive book on creating satsuki Bonsai. We have a copy on auction now on Bonsai Basho. This book is a...
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    Kevin Willson Workshop Part 2

    Hi Guys, this is the second Galley from Kevin Willson's last workshop in November, hope you enjoy!
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    Kevin Willson Workshop Gallery

    Hi, just thought I'd share these images from Kevin Willson's last workshops in the UK ( more to come )
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    Derek Aspinal Pot

    Hi All, there is a very rare rectangle post from the late British Master Bonsai Potter Derek Aspinal available on Bonsai Basho for sale to the US. Derek Aspinal was the father of the British potters and his post are now very rare. Please post the link into your browser and take a look...
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    Bonsai Basho Marketplace

    Hello to everyone on Bonsai Nut! We were introduced by one of your members commenting on our articles and wanted to join your great Forum! We have a fantastic marketplace for all bonsai goods which we have grown out Europe and now in the US, You can buy and sell anything you want in our...
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