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  1. Dorky_gearhead

    Severed extensor tendon = no job.

    It happened at home
  2. Dorky_gearhead

    Severed extensor tendon = no job.

    Graphic photo inclosed. NOT for the faint of heart. So on march 2nd i managed to cut my right pointer finger pretty good. I wound up cutting my extensor tendon (the tendon that deals with straightening your finger) in 2, and shaved some bone off the knuckle. After extensive issues i wound...
  3. Dorky_gearhead

    Yamadori pine

  4. Dorky_gearhead

    Your most nonconformist Bonsai?

    I have plans to bonsai Tribulus terrestris (goatheads). Yeah, im a mad man lol.
  5. Dorky_gearhead

    Giant sequoia from seed

    Late last spring me and my girlfriend went for a drive up into the mountains (up by batch park). The bear creek rout has a gate that's close for months due to snow, so we decided to take balch park road, which is longer with less switchbacks. The first bit of snow we encountered was on a bend...
  6. Dorky_gearhead

    Collected white oak advice

    if it was mine I would wire it up, and let those primary branches go wild for a year or two.
  7. Dorky_gearhead

    Dorky_gearhead's black pine entry thread

    I believe I had just misted the soil in those pics. The next batch will get less watering
  8. Dorky_gearhead

    Collected white oak advice

    I'm surprised nobody has said to allow those 3 branches to run wild, to start building girth on the primary branches.
  9. Dorky_gearhead

    Dorky_gearhead's black pine entry thread

    I actually kept it on the dry side
  10. Dorky_gearhead

    Dorky_gearhead's black pine entry thread

    Looks like it's damping off so I be needing some fungicide for the latest batch.
  11. Dorky_gearhead

    Dorky_gearhead's black pine entry thread

    I've been having a lot my seedlings die off. Before they completely bite the dust, the shoot shrivel up right at the soil line. The next day they fall over, then a few more days the top wilts and it's done. On top of that, my cat decided to dig a trench and uprooted about 30 of them. Today I...
  12. Dorky_gearhead

    Manzanita, am I crazy?

    There's a few manzanita in my foothills (east, central California) that I've been tending/preping for removal for 3? Years now. The main one has about a 3 inch trunk and is about 2 feet tall. Due to a recent hand injury I won't be able to collect it this year. That might be best for the tree...
  13. Dorky_gearhead

    Acer Palmatum from Seed

    Clearly something about my process is wrong. Between last year and this year I've collected and stratified several hundred japanese maple seeds, and I didnt even get 1 to germinate. I've cut several open to make sure they are viable (or at least aren't hollow). I soaked them for 24 hours, then...
  14. Dorky_gearhead

    Japanese Maple cuttings?

    Does the small one use a transformer that drops the voltage down? Similar to a charger. If so you could control the fog rate with a potentiometer that's rated for more than the defuser's power supply.
  15. Dorky_gearhead

    Japanese Maple cuttings?

    I'd like to do do this some day. I'm thinking that I'll use a small essential oil defused with just water. The water particles from a defuser are much smaller than a humidifier!
  16. Dorky_gearhead

    I went shopping for Ponderosa Pine yamadori

    Very nice trees! Do you know how long they have been in their pots?
  17. Dorky_gearhead

    Online order?

    Maybe look for their rating from the better business bureau?
  18. Dorky_gearhead

    My first yamadori.

    Sagebrush? Wow I never considered that!
  19. Dorky_gearhead

    Curious about member titles

    The title gods have smiled upon me! Lol now a shohin
  20. Dorky_gearhead

    Chuhin JBP, progression

    Damn that sure is a chunky monkey! Any idea of its age?
  21. Dorky_gearhead

    Dorky_gearhead's black pine entry thread

    8 days later and things are really starting to ramp up.
  22. Dorky_gearhead

    My first yamadori.

    Eek kinda scary, but it's better to have a dead man switch that kills the power, rather than having a dead man!
  23. Dorky_gearhead

    My first yamadori.

    Do you mind showing pictures of your setup?
  24. Dorky_gearhead

    California juniper

    Any update to give on this tree??