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    Repotting the bonsai?

    Hi I try re-potting 4 to 5 different fruit's bonsai trees i.e. Orange, Lemon, Mango but every time the tree die. I don't know what is I am doing wrong? 1st Method: When I see the tree pot is fill with roots then take off the tree from the pot and cut all the thick roots and remove some...
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    How to Stop my Dying Jumbolan or Java plum bonsai

    Hi I have 4 year old Jumbolan bonsai now its green leaves new and old are turning black just like when you put excessive manure in normal plants. similar like this: What can do for saving my bonsai? Thanks
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    Expert Suggestion For My Cascade Bonsai

    Dear experts I am trying to make my 1st Cascade bonsai of Syzygium cumini unfortunately I don't have digital camera but I create an illustration with labels of my bonsais which is 90% similar to original one. Please suggest me how to improve my Cascade bonsai? Thanks
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    Suggest bonsai style

    Hi I have two unshaped bonsais of Syzygium cumini approx. 2 years old please suggest bonsai style according to current shape which required less pruning. Unfortunately I don't have the digital camera so I post illustrations of my bonsai.
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