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    Obligatory Cherry Fukinigashi

    I’ve got a cherry potensai that I’ve been successively thread-grafting with an ornamental variation. This Spring I suddenly discovered that the tree is almost 50% vertically dead so all of my grafts on one side (the whole length) were wasted effort. But I still have the other half healthy and...
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    “Dead” up top - “Healthy” down below”?

    I collected a thick-trunk apple yamadori last year. It grew well through the summer and began to produce buds. But the leaves turned brown prematurely and the buds went very hard. I figured it was finished but I let it be all winter, providing protection from the frost. Now that Spring is here...
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    CORNUS: Kousa?

    There is a huge CORNUS tree in town that produces several gazillion fruit each year. This year I decided to collect the fruit and see what I can do with the seeds. According to there are 3 varieties: KOUSA – MAS – OFFICINALIS. Because of the tree’s size, I guess it has to be KOUSA...
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    Tree I.D.

    I’ve just returned this morning from Bulgaria with a handful of seeds. I have seen these features before now but never all of them on the same tree. If you know what it is (or have enough of an idea to point me in the right direction) it would be greatly appreciated. Also, If you do know what it...
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    Prunus I.D.

    I’ve been growing this ‘plant nursery’ throw-away for several years now. I think it is fair to say that it is a Prunus but other than that I do not know what it is. I’ve been holding off asking for an I.D. until I could photograph it well and now that it has just begun to develop fruit today...
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    Blossoming Plum?

    I have been trying to find a chart on EDIBLE PLUM and the colour their blossoms produce. I realize there are white blossoms, pink ones, and some of them in between, but what variety of plum produce what colours? I’ve looked and looked for info but so far ….. zilch.
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    Bamboo anyone?

    I've acquired a bamboo plant. It was given to me. The thing is, I don't know what sort of bamboo it is and if it is suitable for indoor growing. Does anyone know anything about bamboo? Here's what it looks like.
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    “OFF again ON again” Crataegus

    I've been growing a Crataegus yamadori for about 4 years now. The first year I had neither blumes nor haws. As the years progress it's been getting more of both. Last year is was awash with blumes and haws! Magnificent! This year I got only a few blumes and only 4 haws. Is this normal for...
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    How to Remove Calcium from Bonsai Pots

    Here's how: DREMEL (Meec, whatever) Dremel ROTARY BRUSH This packet contains 2 brushes: One light, one coarse. The light one will take much longer, the coarse one might damage the pot if your hand is too heavy. SILICONE SPRAY will protect the pot from further calcium deposits from building...
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    SCIENCE FICTION? Opinion please

    I have a large number of apricot sprouts that are part of a bonsai project. Today I decided that it was time to remove the ones that are absolutely dead in order to free up some space on my bonsai work-bench. But I was stopped in my tracks when I had a look at this one. The apricot is alive and...
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    Germicide - Alcohol

    There doesn't seem to be any germicide over the counter where I live. But I do use alcohol to disinfect my bonsai tools and I wonder if I spray that on my seedlings if it will damage the roots or foliage? o_O
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    Fellow Member: SOS

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    What to do with a “CYPRESS”?

    First of all I am not 100% sure it is a Cypress. You can look at the photos at the end if you want to. Anyway, I've had this one for just over 3 years. It was grown in a nursery pot. As soon as I took it home I wired the branches and put them into the shape it is today. I re-potted it 2 years...
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    Some of you may have heard of this tree but only a few have actually seen one. It's a strange tree, like no other. The most fascinating thing about it is its fruit. It produces fruit of every imaginable colour and texture. In fact, each year it produces new ones and you never know what colour...
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    MALUS i.d.

    Here is a tree that I have admired for a long time and I finally decided to take a few cuttings … and cross my fingers. I've never seen it produce any fruit, though I'm convinced it's a crab apple. But which one exactly?
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    Noelanders 2016?

    Two days: Sunday and Monday. Would I miss very much if I only came the first day and missed the second one?
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    I've never been to a bonsai museum or an exhibit. I planed to visit one in Slovakia (a full day's journey from here) the last time we were in my wife's native country. I worked out the route and figured out what day would be the best to make the side-trip. But when we got down to Košice, her...
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    The LIFE of a BUD: A Question

    Buds swell ……. then they either open up to become leaves & blossoms … or they dry, wither, and die. But what about buds that do neither? What happens to buds that swell and remain that way the rest of the year? Can they stay alive but dormant all next winter to become leaves and blossoms the...
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    i HATE looking at bonsai pots. There are so many nice ones on the market and it makes me realize how many trees I don't have to fill them with.
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    Mother Nature's MISTAKES

    It is recomended that bonsaists look closely at trees in nature to gain inspiration and an understanding of how nature works. Good advice. But sometimes I wonder if Mother Nature is out of her mind. We used to walk passed this tree each and every day on the way to my boy's school untill we...
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    Concave Cutter: What the hell is this?

    I bought this Concave Cutter about 3 years ago. It was fine. But I just pulled it out to prune off a couple of thick, lower branches on my Feijoa bonsai. I don't remember dropping it or having a car run over it. I'm not happy today and I don't think that I can correct it. Or can I?
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    Rooting Hormone? Yeah, sure!

    Used to be that every garden shop (here in Sweden) had 2 or 3 different kinds of rooting hormone: Liquid, paste and powder. Well, I went around town today and found that nobody had it. NOBODY! I guess that I'll have to whip a batch of willow water for my next cutting project. Is there a lack of...
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    Insects: SOS!

    I have always had problems with insect damage on cherries and ended up tossing them out. But here I am again with another cherry potensai - and the same old problem. I have used the recommended dosage of soapy water once a week: No help. I changed it to once a day: No help. I even tried a daily...
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    Hawthorn – grafting APPLE & PEAR

    I’ve read that Hawthorn makes an excellent rootstock for both apple and pear. So I’ve been pruning a Hawthorn Yamadori for this very purpose with the intention of digging it up next spring and grafting a red-flowering crab apple, or Paul’s Scarlet. The problem is that of all...
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