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  1. Ang3lfir3

    Dream weekend w/ any bonsai artist.

    As my wife has already alluded to ... Having Kathy Shaner visit our home soon is a long time dream come true. I am looking forward to one killer afternoon! Other would surely include Hans as I have always loved his way with Larch (something that keeps showing up in the collection) ...
  2. Ang3lfir3

    World Class Bonsai without Wiring?

    That about sums things up ... :) but I have a little more to add. If you want to get gnarly ancient looking old branches in the span of 6" or less you are gunna need some help ... wire is kind enough to help us out. It's a tool and we are artists. hint -- artists use tools. The original...
  3. Ang3lfir3

    Bringing out the sheen in Stones

    some people use simple oils like olive oil ( i like cold pressed xtra virgin myself ) ... I also sometimes use beech nut oil ... honestly all of them work.... and facial oil works as well ..... technically I use what ever I think of at the time.... :p
  4. Ang3lfir3

    Rocky Mountain white pines...anyone working with?

    as my gorgeous wife has already mentioned this summer was to put it in one word.... crazy .... as far as pinus flexilis goes ... we don't have any however I am interested in them myself .... I had an opportunity to collect them in the past and as we have little white pine success I did not...
  5. Ang3lfir3

    Some of My Better Trees for Sale

    Dick ... several of Will's trees (including some that have sold) are already on consignment at BNW .....
  6. Ang3lfir3

    Petition to Eliminate Some Catagories

    come on Al .... ur just mad cuz you like arguing with harry there and would miss it .... tell the truth.... its ok .... we already know .... BTW i agree the above sections should go too... but for realistic and less dramatic reasons ..... P.S. why is it people always want to defend the off...
  7. Ang3lfir3

    Post Count

    maybe it wasn't clear what I saying with my comment earlier (page 1) .... I have already exposed a method that each user by their own free will can remove ANY element of the site from what they see on the forum ... specifically (because I desired it myself) you can literally remove the Bar ... I...
  8. Ang3lfir3

    Post Count

    that's the beauty of client side rendering (ie web browsers) I do have control over what gets shown ... that being said ... I still agree COMPLETELY with your sentiments about doing research and deciding for yourself... do yourself a favor and remove the Bar all together ... I wrote a...
  9. Ang3lfir3

    From the curator's collection

    @Judy -- really good shots with ur phone ... You have great taste (but you knew that already! :p ) the Hackberry is the Ben Oki ... in the thread here has a picture of it without its foliage ... it looks kinda silly in all those leaves (but still amazing!!!) .... its that winter show that...
  10. Ang3lfir3

    From the curator's collection

    Excellent job Dick.... glad you get chance to share these with world..... hopefully it will really remind people about how much wonderful bonsai is actually going on here in the PNW
  11. Ang3lfir3

    From the curator's collection

    re: Hackberry (in the main collection at least) would be the Ben Oki Hackberry --- which is a personal fav of me and Vic's .... David's hackberry is also amazing! re: pictures ... you are allowed to post the photographs from the rim ... they are for personal use and not commercial gain ...
  12. Ang3lfir3

    Walter Pall's trees stolen

    Daniel has had trees stolen from Elandan on multiple occasions .... including one just 2 months ago ... each time ... its heart breaking
  13. Ang3lfir3

    Very cool oregon trees, then Elandan today, PRC tomorrow...

    @Judy -- I am sooooo glad you were able to make it (we both wished we could have been there as well) .... having Will and Dan as guides to Elandan is as good as it gets!!! Sounds like the Elandan experience was all that we had hoped it would be for you !! Technically its Gorst ... which is...
  14. Ang3lfir3

    On Vacation, How Long Can Overwatering Be Done?

    one of the best local roasts ... (the roaster is the wife of an ex-coworker of mine) .... "Misty Morning" is one of the best roasts with none of the bitterness common in most blends ... even when cold (beyond a well roasted Blue Mountain or...
  15. Ang3lfir3

    On Vacation, How Long Can Overwatering Be Done?

    crap .... something I actually agree with him on ... hmmmm personally I just think its not fair that the rest of america be subject to bad coffee ... If I were rich (like uber filthy rolling around in thousand dollar bills rich) I would insist on all of america drinking freshly roasted fine...
  16. Ang3lfir3

    On Vacation, How Long Can Overwatering Be Done?

    We gotta do something about the coffee you drink tho.... *ick*
  17. Ang3lfir3

    Rocky Mountain Juniper: No guts, no glory...

    LOL of course I know !!! :) but glad to know others know too ..... :) :) as with all things my wife does ..... she does them extremely well and to the highest degree .... :)
  18. Ang3lfir3

    Manipulation of root mass for nebari development?

    of course you can develop nebari ... we spend a lot of effort doing it ... not exactly sure what you are asking ... the best techniques for developing nebari would be selective root pruning and controlled growth ..... what specifically do you want to know? to answer the "can you...
  19. Ang3lfir3

    Correcting a crossover branch

    a good solution to a problematic branch ... it should hold in a year with some really strong growth ...
  20. Ang3lfir3

    Rocky Mountain Juniper: No guts, no glory...

    this reminds me ..... the tree still seems to be alive and showing no signs of ill health .... not yet ..... even seems to have a little active growth ...
  21. Ang3lfir3

    On Vacation, How Long Can Overwatering Be Done?

    While on vacation for 10 days.... we used timers to water the heck out of the trees (2 sprinklers for 1hr each..... twice a day) .... we had a bonsai friend who lives near by come water the shohin each day and check to make sure the sprinklers were working ..... the main reason we were not...
  22. Ang3lfir3

    Can someone tell me why this Juniper is unique?

    the most disappointing part of course .... is the poor styling ...... at least someone could have styled it before they killed it ...
  23. Ang3lfir3

    was struggling how to word this

    of course it goes without saying that you chose well Dick .... the maple was one of my personal choices and you did well ... I also prefer the traditional Acer P. as I feel they have some of the best color characteristics etc ... you should have no trouble with it over the winter and getting it...
  24. Ang3lfir3

    was struggling how to word this

    A wise man knows his own limitations and lives each day pushing them ..... and so I think you are a wise man .... just don't ever sell yourself short (knowing you have had some prior experience in bonsai already) ...
  25. Ang3lfir3

    was struggling how to word this

    interesting thoughts Ed and I totally get where you are coming from ... from our point of view ... we purchase trees that have been in development by others as material from which we can create the designs that we see ... now there are two kinds of bonsai people (okay more than that but just...
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