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    Crabapple truck chop

    Hey guys I bought a nursery crabapple which i truck chopped. Currently leaves are formning but then they die again and new leaves appear which then also die after awhile been going on for about a month with no branches emerging. Its late spring here where I am. Am I doing something wrong or is...
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    Advice in second year after a garden centre privet has been transformed

    Hey guys our spring has just started and I have a privet I bought last year. It was trimmed back drastically and reshaped also I cut off all but one of the trunks as seen in the first picture. The scars are healing. What I would like to know is which direction to go now to get it to a propper...
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    Advice on Mulberry

    Hi guys can you give me some advice on what i can do with this mulberry to make it look good. there are swelling buds on the top part that i hope will form the crown of the tree. The tree is 19cm high and trunk diameter is 3,5cm. Any advice will be great. Jan
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    New to bonsai got a trident maple (garden cenre) and need advice on trunk chop

    I got this tree for like R50 converted to dollar bout $7 so couldnt say no. It has a 8 inch trunk diameter. I know it has a straight trunk (from what I've heard thats not ideal) but at that price and scarsity of bent trunks I bought it. Please give me advice on where to chop and how to style it...
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    New to bonsai would like some feedback on a Tecome capensis (Cape Honeysuckle)

    Hi guys my first post on this site (or any Bonsai site for that matter). I have always liked Bonsai but this is my first year trying to make my own trees (mainly from garden centre stock). I Chopped up this Tecome capensis (Cape Honeysuckle) it is native to South Africa where I live. Tell me if...
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