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    Cork Bark Elm -Any Virtuals

    A friend of mine has two cork bark elms for sale. One is straight as an arrow with little personality. Any suggestions on cutting it off above the lower left limb. Will it bud back well? The second tree is a twin trunk. Would you cut off one side? Open to suggestions before spending any money...
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    Bare Root Satzuki Azalea

    Certainly not for the faint of heart. This is my first pic of two satzuki azaleas after 3 months in quarantine and four months of tender care. It took close to five months for the new leaves to come all the way to the top. Needless to say, I was worried and watched one twig each day to watch for...
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    Japanese Maple Forest

    This has been one of my favorite trees over the last 12 years or so. It originally had one trident maple stuck in the bunch and I removed it. Although a even number of trees, it is really nice under the lights and in the fall. I know the front tree need its lower left limb to come off. Comments...
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    Don't Throw Away Anything

    Someone told me once to not throw away anything (wire, soil, pots and even dead plants). I recently had a shimpaku juniper die after 30 years in my possession. It died over the winter and I have no clue as to why. Anyway, it was a beautiful tree and I decided to jin the entire tree and bleach. I...
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    Lime Sulfer Problem

    I need some help folks. This has been an ongoing problem with my jinned junipers. When I apply the lime sulfer on dead wood it looks more lime/green rather than white. Even after serveral weeks in the sun, the color remains a greenish tint. The trees have been properly prepare and dried a few...
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    Satzuki Azalea Blooming Before and After Shots

    Some of you guys asked that I post a few pics when my azalea began to bloom. We have been blessed with good rain in the south and the flowers are magnificient. I hope you find them enjoyable. Dano:)
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    Bloooms, Blooms Everywhere

    Warm weather in the south has bought out all the blooms in my azaleas. The large azalea is an Issho-no-haru import. Coming in bare root can be a scary thing but things worked out fine.:) Dano
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    Ponderosa Pine

    New to the forum, so be easy. Repotted and just beginning to push new buds. This ponderosa pine is originally from South Dakota. I cannot take the credit for the stying over many years, but it is in good hands and adapting well to the south. I have to watch out for to much rain and I have made a...
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    Japanese Beech Forest

    Japanese Beech Forest - Fall, Winter and Spring:) Dano
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    Japanese Beech

    A Japanese Beech that has been a great tree to work with. I just recently lost the small left lower limb. Dano
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    Satsuki Azalea

    Appx 36" tall. I have been working on this nice azalea for about two years. Just getting ready to bloom.
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