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    Can I use Bio-Gold for both indoor and outdoor plants?

    I alternately use kelp, fish emulsion and fulvic inside my grow tent. It smells a bit like the reptile exhibits at the zoo on a hot and humid day after I fertilize. Also, the fish always brings the cats running! :D I stopped using solid granular organics in the tent after noticing they...
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    Most desirable ficus bonsai specie?

    As I mentioned above, it may not necessarily be ready for a bonsai pot. I suggest you wait and see what's what when you receive the tree. It really won't be repotting time until summer anyway, so you have some time to consider.
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    Most desirable ficus bonsai specie?

    I second this. Andrea gives excellent customer service, even though I know they are incredibly busy. On the '89 salicarias, I will make a couple of comments. The $200 tree appears to have a large wound on the trunk. I purchased a similar one last year that I returned due to some type of fungal...
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    Green house for one.

    I am going on about 6 months on my first grow tent setup, and my ficus, podocarpus and bougainvillea all do fine with no fungus problems. Two of my favorite succulents (crassulas) have been moved out after nearly succumbing to a strange crown-rot, probably fungal. Might still lose them...
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    My first bonsai (14 years ago) - ginseng ficus

    Defoliated and partially wired. When it leafs back out, I plan to pack that gap in the base with sphagnum and wrap with plastic to grow roots and hopefully fill in the space. In the long run, after the next graft takes on the center trunk, I may cut off the top few inches and grow a crown from...
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    Large and neglected nursery Valley Oak (Quercus Lobata)

    The year I lived in Rio Rancho, it really was not bad, but then we were way out on the edge of wilderness. I have one brother who lived several years in Nob Hill, and they had issues with theft. Another lives near CNM, and had his ebike locked up on a second floor balcony stolen. I laughed once...
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    Large and neglected nursery Valley Oak (Quercus Lobata)

    What a great start, @Hartinez! I love the bark and the base on this tree. I have always been surprised by how well yard trees grow down in the valley there. It is a sharp contrast to the natural vegetation in the area but hey, where there's water! I didn't even realize you had many temperate...
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    Remember the story about cutting the ends off the ham? (wiring branch extensions)

    Good point here, too. Thank you and the rest of the experts who have taken time to respond!
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    Remember the story about cutting the ends off the ham? (wiring branch extensions)

    Yes, it does. Some of this is "next level" rationale and I am not there yet. May never be, but we shall see...
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    Remember the story about cutting the ends off the ham? (wiring branch extensions)

    I didn't want to call anyone out specifically, but @markyscott 's chuhin broom elm is an example of what I mean.
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    Remember the story about cutting the ends off the ham? (wiring branch extensions)

    I may not be explaining myself very well. Wiring a bud/shoot into the outside of a bend results in more pleasing movement and perhaps better growth, I understand that. But when developing branches, one may only be keeping an extension for a season, or less. See: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0...
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    Remember the story about cutting the ends off the ham? (wiring branch extensions)

    I think the thread title introduces the purpose of this topic succinctly. If you are confused, just google it. Since my early days in bonsai, I have heard that you should wire movement into your branch extensions on deciduous trees, let the wire start to bite in, then cut back hard to an inner...
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    Bougainvillea Bonsai: Help Needed

    Definitely looks like aphids...although you might have some issues with fungus as well. The bugs should be easy to deal with. Just mix a solution of neem oil and Dawn dish soap or "black soap" and heavily spray the tree, making sure to hit both the tops and bottoms of leaves and every nook and...
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    [Dingus] Cork oak (quercus suber)

    Me, too. I would also be curious whether the smaller container helps to shorten the internodes - especially when the roots have fully colonized the pot and start to be constrained.
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    [Dingus] Cork oak (quercus suber)

    Great work! A word to the wise - the branches on my older cork oak seem to get stiff quickly when lignifying. You may hate to wire, but this may be your only chance to get some movement in those branches. As-is, the tree is pretty but with many upward facing, straight branches the image is of a...
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    Impulse Mume purchase

    So jealous of the snow! I loved the (occasional) snowstorms when I lived in NoVa. Everything we get here in southern Utah melts within a day or two. For your trees, the snow provides a degree of insulation and moisture, so leaving it buried in snow is a great idea. Just checked my Higan cherry...
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    Fatty Podocarpus, or "don't laugh at my (dead)wood"

    @Leo in N E Illinois I am grateful for the encouraging and thoughtful response. It is a challenging piece of material, to be sure. I will try to get some expert help after the move, and post the results here.
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    Fatty Podocarpus, or "don't laugh at my (dead)wood"

    For the record, that...ahem...deadwood in the front was there before this podocarpus came to me. It feels a bit immature of me (which I NEVER am) to point it out but hey, I figured a preemptive strike is usually the best tactic. Anyway, on to the tree. I did some conservative trimming today...
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    Yaupon Holly project

    Well it will be an experiment, then. The roots and top have not been disturbed, the soil has been kept reasonably moist, and the nursery is mulched in with straw. So if it dies, then I can pretty comfortably say that they can not survive in Zone 7. If they survive, then maybe call them...
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    AUCTION Kishu Juniper

    13 year-olds are different now than they used to be. I never had the exposure to such broad cultural influences when I was 13. My 13 year-old appears more world wise, because she has had the world at her fingertips for years. But what I try to impress on her is that knowledge is not wisdom. She...
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    Tiger Bark Ficus and dormancy or winter time

    I have about 20 bonsai and pre-bonsai growing in a 4'W x 4'L x 7'H mylar grow tent, under 100W-135W quantum-board style LED lamps positioned 12"-18" away from plant tops for 16 hours per day. These are mostly ficus, plus some portulacaria, crassula, bougainvillea, and podocarpus. Conditions...
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    [Dingus] ficus benjamina "too little"

    The International Society for Horticultural Science does not have a genera-specific International Cultivar Registration Authority for ficus, @Forsoothe!. See From my brief research, it does not appear that there is a central registry at all, which...
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    Bougainvillea Potential

    I can tell you that my pink pixie takes defoliation very well. I also find that it comes back very strongly when I grow out long canes and then cut them back very short.
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