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  1. Replikant

    Looking for good systemic granular/powder fungicide....suggestions?

    Trying to find a good granular or powder systemic fungicide that can be applied now and as a preventative going into spring. One that is available online preferably. Also applicable to most species ... Tropical to deciduous. Any suggestions and what have been your experiences?
  2. Replikant

    Help Identifying Crab Apple Disease ...

    Can anyone nail this one? Not sure what disease I am dealing with here on my crab apple bonsai. Powdery mildew, cedar apple rust, fire blight??? Any help appreciated. Have used some foliar based systemic fungicides but none copper based. 2 applications and still the same you see below. Was...
  3. Replikant

    Level of risk repotting small Satsuki Azalea in early July ... aka NOW?

    Have small 1 gallon nursery Satsuki Azalea in great shape and has finished flowering. Would like to go ahead and repot with shohin size in mind. There would be a good bit of root pruning and reduction. Any advice or experience repotting them this time of year? Avg. temps in low 90s here in...
  4. Replikant

    Help Identifying this tree .... yaupon, elm ... dunno?!?!?!

    So the tree below was collected last year and is pretty huge sumo base. It is doing excellent but I am having trouble identifying the species. Before I trunk chopped it it was around 5ft. high semi-shrub but with large thick branches. There is some serration to the leaves as you can see. Any...
  5. Replikant

    Anyone visited NOLA Bonsai yet?

    Going to be in New Orleans soon and wondered if anyone has visited or bought from NOLA Bonsai before? Do they have pre-bonsai or collected material ? etc. Can't seem to get in touch with them by phone.
  6. Replikant

    Collecting Large Azalea in Early Summer?

    Have a large landscaping azalea that I would like to collect. Wondering how an Azalea would fare being trunk chopped and collected in early summer ... temps here around 90 ... S. Louisiana. Any advice ... are Azalea's a collect in Spring only tree/shrub?
  7. Replikant

    Small Black Ant infestation in dead wood of collected Boxwood.... advice please ...

    So it is a 30+ year old collected large Boxwood. It is doing well and budding out off of old wood. On the nebari there are areas of dead wood that will eventually be carved out a bit and styled. Small black ants that were probably originally in rotted wood areas of the base are still nesting...
  8. Replikant

    Too Late to Collect Large Boxwood??

    It is in the low 80s here in S. Louisiana and wondering if it is too late to collect a Large 30+ yr old Boxwood? Collected one near it in mid Spring and it is doing great. Advice appreciated ...
  9. Replikant

    Pruning Questions Newly Collected Material - Crape Myrtle

    So have a newly collected Crape Myrtle that's been in pot 3-4 weeks and is doing well with newly budded shoots up to 12" long at this point. My question is can I begin to chose my main branches at this point .. meaning the ones I am going to keep .. and eliminate the less desirable shoots. Or...
  10. Replikant

    Collected Large Boxwood & Seeking Advice

    Just collected this boxwood this week. Scale is rough to see in the photo but its about 3 feet high. 2 hours of sweat and now the nursing and care. Looking for any comments on reducing and possible development for the future. It was a massively overgrown shrub and had no idea at the great...
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