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  1. Replikant

    Bowing out of bonsai...for now.

    Thams, I may have missed it but are you shipping or are these just for local buyers? Very nice ficus and am interested in the 20$ narifolia. Lemme know and will pay for shipping obviously. Sorry to see you go. Thanks,
  2. Replikant

    Looking for good systemic granular/powder fungicide....suggestions?

    Trying to find a good granular or powder systemic fungicide that can be applied now and as a preventative going into spring. One that is available online preferably. Also applicable to most species ... Tropical to deciduous. Any suggestions and what have been your experiences?
  3. Replikant

    Help Identifying Crab Apple Disease ...

    Copper fungicide applied ... we'll see where things go from here .. 2nd application in 7 days
  4. Replikant

    Help Identifying Crab Apple Disease ...

    I understand the fruit tree spray but how is vinegar employed? How is it applied?
  5. Replikant

    Help Identifying Crab Apple Disease ...

    It was repotted this Spring in well draining mix and did well. No, not opposed to copper based just trying to find a good one locally. Probably will try one this weekend though. I was trying a milder foliar systemic but I agree that copper based may be the answer. I need to pull out the big...
  6. Replikant

    Help Identifying Crab Apple Disease ...

    Can anyone nail this one? Not sure what disease I am dealing with here on my crab apple bonsai. Powdery mildew, cedar apple rust, fire blight??? Any help appreciated. Have used some foliar based systemic fungicides but none copper based. 2 applications and still the same you see below. Was...
  7. Replikant

    Repotted Azalea

    The only difference that I can think of for the azalea that only has 2 buds after 3-4 weeks is that I did saw away 3/4's of the root mass but then I removed most of the original soil, washed and repotted in a 75% aggregate/25% organic mix for the acid. I did not leave the roots in their...
  8. Replikant

    Repotted Azalea

    Sorry for the confusion ... no the azalea I mentioned in this thread was a run of the mill nursery azalea I picked up 1-2 months ago ... trunked chopped n root chopped hoping for better results .... the one I pm'd you about is a brand new satsuki that I am MUCH more hesitant about and want to...
  9. Replikant

    Repotted Azalea

    If it is an consolation, I repotted one of my azaleas about 1 month ago .. knowing that I was doing this a little late. It took 4 weeks but finally 2 buds have appeared. And, mine was chopped back to 2 trunks like yours with no growth left on it at the time of repotting.... going for shohin...
  10. Replikant

    Interest in tropical shohin/mame?

    Yep me also .... think I am may be ready to buy just need some pics so I can narrow down order .... looks like you have some great stuff there. Replikant
  11. Replikant

    A big boxwood (progression)

    A big thank you! Poink, Wanted to thank you for the advice on voids in the soil with large collected material. Sure enough, when I started chop sticking and probing/pressing, several depressions or voids caved in a 1/2 inch or so. I don't know whether or not it will fix my wilting issue on...
  12. Replikant

    A big boxwood (progression)

    Wilting may be die back now :( Was wondering what your opinion is on this. My collected boxwood which has done fantastic with tons of new growth since April is experiencing wilting to the point of leaves ready to fall along just one long branch. I always expected some die back but was...
  13. Replikant

    Level of risk repotting small Satsuki Azalea in early July ... aka NOW?

    Have small 1 gallon nursery Satsuki Azalea in great shape and has finished flowering. Would like to go ahead and repot with shohin size in mind. There would be a good bit of root pruning and reduction. Any advice or experience repotting them this time of year? Avg. temps in low 90s here in...
  14. Replikant

    Help Identifying this tree .... yaupon, elm ... dunno?!?!?!

    So the tree below was collected last year and is pretty huge sumo base. It is doing excellent but I am having trouble identifying the species. Before I trunk chopped it it was around 5ft. high semi-shrub but with large thick branches. There is some serration to the leaves as you can see. Any...
  15. Replikant

    Interest in tropical shohin/mame? Interested in this scarred Maple nursery material. Sorry about the URL link ... couldn't find any other way to attach the photo. Also, that small thick trunked yaupon or azalea...
  16. Replikant

    European Euonymus

    any updated photos? I have one of these trees from Don also and am unsure of how to proceed with new spring growth. Shoots are very straight vertical and wiring this early would surly break them off at the trunk. Thinking broom?? dunno
  17. Replikant

    To defoliate or not to defoliate?

    I have a similar Retusa. I defoliated about 3 weeks ago and pruned back branches where needed. The new shoots are spectacular and back budding has occurred up to 1 inch further up older branches where there were no shoots/buds before. The results were so fast I plan to defoliate once more...
  18. Replikant

    Anyone visited NOLA Bonsai yet?

    Going to be in New Orleans soon and wondered if anyone has visited or bought from NOLA Bonsai before? Do they have pre-bonsai or collected material ? etc. Can't seem to get in touch with them by phone.
  19. Replikant

    Collecting Large Azalea in Early Summer?

    Have a large landscaping azalea that I would like to collect. Wondering how an Azalea would fare being trunk chopped and collected in early summer ... temps here around 90 ... S. Louisiana. Any advice ... are Azalea's a collect in Spring only tree/shrub?
  20. Replikant

    A big boxwood (progression)

    Boxwood Wilting You mentioned wilting earlier with this Boxwood ... it's 90 degrees average here now and my large collected Boxwood has lots of new growth ... it does tend to wilt on some very new growth tips for a few hours then bounces back with watering ... I water it twice a day atleast...
  21. Replikant

    Small Black Ant infestation in dead wood of collected Boxwood.... advice please ...

    Do you remember which ant killer you used? Have seen them with Borax but unsure.
  22. Replikant

    Small Black Ant infestation in dead wood of collected Boxwood.... advice please ...

    So it is a 30+ year old collected large Boxwood. It is doing well and budding out off of old wood. On the nebari there are areas of dead wood that will eventually be carved out a bit and styled. Small black ants that were probably originally in rotted wood areas of the base are still nesting...
  23. Replikant

    Too Late to Collect Large Boxwood??

    It is in the low 80s here in S. Louisiana and wondering if it is too late to collect a Large 30+ yr old Boxwood? Collected one near it in mid Spring and it is doing great. Advice appreciated ...
  24. Replikant

    Collected Large Boxwood & Seeking Advice

    Boxwood Collection Timing question So there is another large old Boxwood I would like to collect but not sure if its too late. Its in the low 80s here in Southern Louisiana. Any advice on whether I should wait until next spring or whether the Boxwood fairs a chance this late?
  25. Replikant

    Collected Large Boxwood & Seeking Advice

    Follow up question I am getting some back budding down low. Even though it's only been newly collected for a few weeks now is it safe to say that I can reduce some of those outer high branches?
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