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  1. maria kapra

    SHOHIN BONSAI - 8th World Bonsai Convention, Saitama City Japan

    Attended 8th World Bonsai Convention in Japan to see all my friends from all over the world. Amazing Shohin Bonsai they have and it was my number one in my bucket list to take lots of pictures to share at Bonsai Nut community...
  2. maria kapra

    Shohin Bonsai Pots

    It's been a year that I have been making ceramics pots and I wanted to share some of my Shohin pots that I made for my shohin trees... Fired at cone 10.
  3. maria kapra

    Shohin Blackpine

    Last January I have acquired a very old blackpine from a trade with my cork blackpine. I took a chance because it has fungus issue and very weak but it has a very good potential as shohin pine... The pine has a good nebari with nice taper and with proper wiring this tree would be very special in...
  4. maria kapra

    My Shohin Collection ....

    Just wanted to share pictures of my Shohin collection !!!
  5. maria kapra

    Shohin pots

    I have been going to my ceramics class for 6 months now and making progress in so many ways. Now, i'm addicted to making shohin pots and they are fun and very easy to make specially if you have your own pottery wheel... Practice, practice and more practice in order for you to get the hang of...
  6. maria kapra

    My Shohin !

    Happy Easter to all and showing my Shohin before going to church... :) 2nd pic : Itoigawa juniper, Chojubai quince, Chinese Elm, Kiyohime Maple, Ficus Nerifolia, Virginia Crepper..
  7. maria kapra

    Shohin California Juniper

    California Junipers! We are really into collecting big, large, giant california junipers if we have a chance to collect them... I myself been doing that for the past 5 years with Harry Hirao and its just keeps getting better and better... I like big trees if they have a good potential but i...
  8. maria kapra

    Santa Anita Bonsai Show May 26-28 2012

    Getting ready for Santa Anita Bonsai Show and bringing a Shohin Display as my entry... from top to left...Itoigawa Juniper, Ficus Nerifolia, Deshojo Maple, Korean Hornbeam, and Princess Guava... Which one do you prefer? Blackpine at top or Itoigawa Juniper....cheers
  9. maria kapra

    California Juniper Before and After

    The junipers that you see are all collected about three years ago and this is the initial styling done on them before going to Santa Clara Convention. :D
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