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    side grafting acer rubrum

    What about grafting the species with a cultivar with smaller leaves, tighter internodes and vigorous growth like the ever popular A. Rubrum 'autumn flame'?
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    Visions of the American West

    This would be even better if it was held a month earlier and collecting trips were part of it =)!
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    A maple gem: ShiShi Yatsubusa

    Most of the dwarf cultivars that are popular are popular because Bill V. introduced them and promoted them in his magazine International Bonsai.
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    Plum or cherry blossom tree from cutting?

    Prunus mume will air layer very well.
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    Kishi Junipers

    Yes, all shimpaku junipers will root pretty easily from cuttings.
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    My shimpaku shohin.

    Thats a beast, great base!
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    Spring 2010 befores and afters part 1

    Nice work. As for the over-pruning comments I just want it to be clear to anyone who may lack the experience that every bonsai tree looks over-pruned when it has been styled. The styling takes it back to its bare bones in order to establish branch shape. The foliage then grows, and with...
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    Colorado Collecting in the wild

    So when should I schedule my flight for?
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    Some Kusa

    and more...
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    Some Kusa

    A bunch of different stuff...
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    Shohin Satsuki Azalea 'Korin'

    Got this from Bob Mahler two years ago. I've chosen a new front to better show of the rootage. It is in full bloom now and looking great. I will order a new pot for it soon and will probably stick with a soft rectangle to show off the powerful trunk. I'm thinking a green glaze over a tan clay.
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    Short Terra Cotta Training Pots
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    Brussels New Web

    Agreed. On the other hand the prices at and make the trees at Brussels seem like a great bargain!
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    Woodstock III in Harrsiburg, Pa in April 2010

    Already signed up for Friday and Saturday and looking forward to it!
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    Where can you purchase Ume varieties?

    here are a couple types in small size.
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    Cork Bark Japanese Black Pines

    Yes, we crashed his site with traffic and downloading all those PDF's. Trust me it was good stuff, thanks Brian.
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    Hokkaido Elm

    William N. Valavanis has a few good ones going maybe he would be good to get some info off. Ironic, that beautiful Seiju that Bill had died a few years after that shot was taken when he took off the lower two branches and it never recovered...
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    Another Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    The white cedar is Thuja Occidentalis aka arborvitae, I'm not sure how that would do by you. Are they used in landscapes down there?
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    Another Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    The White Cedar gallery on the TBS website proves beyond doubt that the foliage can be made beautiful with the right approach.
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    Amur maple -- pink?? leaves

    New growth on my Amur seedlings looks like this every spring, I don't think there is any problem.
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    Some accents

    The Astilbe in bloom. Second plant is a Heuchera.
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    Some accents

    I use 50% bonsai soil with 50% peat.
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    Lion's Head Japanese Maple Third tree from the bottom.
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    Yew - Initial Styling (Imbedded Photo)

    Very well done, its a beauty!
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