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  1. shanequin83

    looking for local bonsai enthusiast

    I live in Rossford, Ohio. Im just asking to see if there is anyone on this forum that lives in or near Toledo.
  2. shanequin83

    Maples that had to be dug up.

    These are 4 of what I believe to be sugar maples that seeded between my house and drive way. I had to dig them up due to the land lords orders. Most of them are far to small for me to even think about anything yet. But i had to dig them up and put them in the only available pots i had at the...
  3. shanequin83

    Dwarf alberta spruce

    I went to Home Depot to get a new pot for my jade plant (not bonsai). It was around the middle of October and they had there last few trees and shrubs outside on sale. I grabbed a Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Not sure of the age. From soil to where they cut the top is 13". And the truck at the base is...
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