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  1. Ang3lfir3

    Another US National Bonsai Exhibition Entry

    So my wife promised that I would post my entry some time soon. Finally having the time and energy to setup the lights and photograph the entry and its companion planting. I would have liked this image to have the companion planting more to the left but the table underneath the backdrop wasn't...
  2. Ang3lfir3

    Collected American Larch

    The complete story of this tree and its history can be read on our blog here A few days ago, as spring was getting all sprung, this guy started to leaf out. It comes out a little later than its Asian counter parts but that blue green foliage is so very much worth the wait. I took the next...
  3. Ang3lfir3

    Yet another Larch

    Since we have been having a Larch fest on the blog I figured I would follow up my wife's thread with one of my own ..... you can read the whole post here Awhile back we purchased a Larch from WeeTree ... it arrived in Feb and was allowed to grow... this weekend I took after it with wire...
  4. Ang3lfir3

    Easter White Cedar gets a face lift

    (Dan wanted to share a tree he has been working on with people ... so we posted it on the blog... you can read the entire post here) Daniel began working on this tree the other day and wanted to share it with everyone. Thuja Occidentalis (Eastern White Cedar) is a tree that doesn't get too...
  5. Ang3lfir3

    Hornbeam gone wild

    After the last hornbeam I did I promised there was yet another one in the works. Well that day has finally come. You can read the whole story on the blog or just enjoy the few images posted here. Before -- After -- Thanks!!! enjoy!!!
  6. Ang3lfir3

    Why Not to have offtopic sections

    first: which leads to : from which only about 5 of those were new posts.... that is a 760% difference between the on topic and off topic posts.... go figure
  7. Ang3lfir3

    Large Hornbeam gets a lot of wiring [Embedded Images]

    Previously I worked on a small Korean Hornbeam of Daniel Robinson's at Elandan Gardens ... I mentioned that I was planning to do a much larger tree and which was in need of more wiring.... this is the story of that tree.... through a few images. For those of you familiar with Elandan you will...
  8. Ang3lfir3

    Custom diaza for new stones [embedded images]

    I recently had the fortunate opportunity to spend some time with a new friend in the local suiseki world and a true up and comer in the daiza biz. Patrick Metiva carved a few daiza for some stones that we own so that they could be appreciated. I thought I would share the results with you. He...
  9. Ang3lfir3

    Acer Palmatum Kotohime quick review

    So a little over 4 years ago I started on my now pretty hardcore bonsai journey ... I moved to WA to live with my now wife and of course bought what would be my first tree. I am pretty sure people have seen this one before but here is a quick review of the last 4 years on this Kotohime...
  10. Ang3lfir3

    Mugho Pine "Valley Cushion"

    You might have seen this guy in the other thread.... It's a Mugho Pine "Valley Cushion" with a decent trunk and lots of excellent movement... the tree was started for bonsai and was grown from a cutting (no grafts here) .... it is about 15 yrs old or so... This is how it looked when I got it...
  11. Ang3lfir3

    Went on a little shopping trip today [embedded images]

    My wife Victrinia and I went on a short shopping trip today with some bonsai friends of ours... This is what we came home with: There is also the small white pine but thats another story :p
  12. Ang3lfir3

    A day wiring a hornbeam

    While at the garden today (Elandan) I started working on a small hornbeam that has been needing some attention for a few years.... regular pruning has been taken care of but wiring has been lacking... After a few hours of work Vic snapped some pictures .... they aren't great... but enjoy...
  13. Ang3lfir3

    Another Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    Since my friend grouper52 suggested that I post some pictures of the AYC I have been working on I decided I would take him up on that. I got my wife to take some pictures of its current state. These are such wonderful trees to work with. They are extremely flexible and can be wired very easily...
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