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    Craigslist Ficus project

    Still progressing. getting some ramification in canopy above the clump, trying to get movement in the branches/branchlets, and encouraging the lower branches to lengthen and reach upwards. The 5 year goal:
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    post-mortem? (Dawn redwood air layer)

    Hi Charles, I was aiming to avoid "new roots" growing into the existing medium (dense bark/compost/standard nursery soil), because they would never easily release themselves if/when I attempted to separate the layer. Seems this worry is no longer an issue. Perhaps it was too wet to throw...
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    post-mortem? (Dawn redwood air layer)

    I picked up a Dawn Redwood (Schulman's Nordlicht cultivar) last spring. Really interesting foliage, but a painfully slow growing dwarf cultivar. Anyway, in my excitement over the beautiful, soft foliage, and promising trunk/branch taper and branch structure, I never cleared away the soil to...
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    Urgent. Slip pot Larch forest

    All of those trees in that grouping looked pretty damn happy to me... as did the new growth in the first photos in the first post... not sure why this was categorized as an emergency! I guess pictures are not doing justice to the dire state of the planting. Hope they recover soon!
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    Shimpaku from Evergreen Gardenworks

    Special history, indeed. Although this tree is the "leaner" (i.e. skinnier) of the two sisters, I do think it has terrific potential. The juniper to its left is also from Brent (massive base), as is the juniper on the far right, lower bench. I "bundled" when I ordered from Evergreen...
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    Shimpaku from Evergreen Gardenworks

    BVF, it turns out the "sister tree" is tucked on my bench in Iowa. See it back there? There she is! Todd Schlafer is visiting some of us in eastern Iowa this June. I've decided to discuss and focus on this juniper and its styling during his visit. It was a bit pale when it arrived from...
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    How to secure pots when it is wind

    Not really pretty, but effective enough.
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    How to secure pots when it is wind

    bungee cord
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    Crepe Myrtles Advice

    Glad to hear they are bringing some joy to someone, even a year after I left them in the ground behind my house. Great that you passed them along and didn't just pitch them in the trash can! Best, Noah
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    Crepe Myrtles Advice

    Johnathan, Are these crepe myrtles still alive? How are they doing this spring? Noah
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    design advice

    Chappy, I am linking my response to your question about Hidden Gardens in the General Discussion forum... Hidden Gardens holds workshops every Saturday morning, so you could bring your tree and have a local expert, Mark Karczewski, offer his styling advice. By example, this taken directly...
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    Chicago Bonsai

    Definitely a must-visit-type-of-place if you live in northern Illinois... and even if you're a couple hours away, it's still worth a visit. I make the trip every couple of months from Iowa City, to pick up soil components, occasionally a tree, but mostly just to "have a look." As Bleumeon...
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    Evergreen Gardenworks

    glad to hear. Fully agree: Brent and Susie are the best.
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    Bonsai Nibbler

    Yeah, missed that. Those will fit a Rotozip tool (which has larger collets that can accept thicker bits). These shown in my hand should work with small Dremel Rotary tool...
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    Bonsai Nibbler

    Not the original "Nibbler," but these look like they would efficiently chew and carve:
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    The maple I’ve been excited for!

    and... this will be a commentary on... (vendor reputation, mail order, Ebay, FB, not having a local supplier, USPS, FedEx, local thugs...) What are you really trying to say?
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    Ugly trees.

    Dirty Privet collected from the alley behind my house in spring 2017, cut back and ready for more "development" in 2018...
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    Is this a decent starting grow light?

    I think your plants/trees will do best in a sunny window. None of those lights will compare to the energy they received place in front of a bright window! Do you only have access to north-facing windows (like an apartment)? I think those would still be just as good or better than the lights you...
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    Is this a decent starting grow light?

    yeah, I'm pretty sure those are not doing much, given the low intensity and power output, and given how far away from the foliage the lights are located. Just be aware, light is subject to the inverse-square law... For example, if the light is 2 inches away from the foliage, and you then...
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    Is this a decent starting grow light?

    Looks like a single bulb? What ever you use, put the light(s) as close to the plant(s) as possible, short of having the light(s) actually touch the plant(s). Here is an alternative to a cloudy day (30,000 lumens)...
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    Is this a decent starting grow light?

    More than 10,000 lumens (this would be 10,000 lux if the area illuminated is 1 square meter) would be getting in the range of usefulness. As I recall, the sun shines at 32,000 lux (cloudy day) to 100,000 lux (sun overhead, with no clouds).
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    Lemon tree.

    Very nice! Thanks for posting the development. I look forward to regular updates!
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    Please Share your Photos

    The highlest graid of quarity avaliamble!!! (not easy to type with autocorrect function)
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    Marc Torppa @ The Growing Grounds and/or Don Blackmond @ GBB

    I hear you, Zach... and this was my central concern... being regarded as a newcomer who could potentially waste a vendor's/artist's time and effort. In the end it has all worked out (i.e. I committed to one of Don's trees today, and I am currently communicating with Brent about shipping three...