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    Air Layering Brazilian Rain Tree

    Has anyone had success air layering a Brazilian Rain Tree? Thanks
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    Pot/Container Identification

    Hello Everyone, Could anyone tell me the name of this style of pot/container? I appreciate the help. Thanks
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    You Know Your A Bonsai Nut If...

    You find the best front, set the structure, and prune your Christmas tree while your family is waiting to decorate... Even worse if the tree is artificial... Just thought I would see if anyone wants to play along. Hope everyone has a joyous holiday season.
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    U.S. National Bonsai Nursery Registry

    Hello everyone, About 5 years ago I posted a question about the existence of a national bonsai nursery list. I recieved some good leads but nothing complete. I am posting this thread to ask everyone in the U.S. that would like to participate to send me information on any nurseries that mainly...
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    Starting from Seed

    I have been considering starting a forest planting of some kind from seed just to see what happens. Has anyone heard of this being done or have any suggestions? I have wondered if it would be a more natural looking forest planting than trees grown independently and than grouped together. This is...
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    Bonsai Nursery Directory

    Does anyone know if a nationwide bonsai nursery directory exists?
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