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    Jade bonsai?

    Cheers, mate.
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    Japanese Bush Clover - Lespedeza bicolor

    Hey there handsome.
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    B&B Mugo development

    There's something to be said about someone who devotes themselves to a species so completely and then shares their experience so freely. Cheers.
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    Bonsai Ficus Noob

    So much full stomach.
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    bonsai newb

    .. .. greetings. welcome.
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    my first collected material (azalea)

    the hell man!?
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    What do you guys think of these??

    Dancing in the moonlight!
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    Spruce Bonsai Bulb Repair

    Good to see the forum back up.
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    Is there a slanted broom style?

    Don't mention it.
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    Collected larch needs style

    Here you go, buddy.
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