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    My little Ficus retusa

    Was dropped at my parents home. Brought it to me, now I'll give it the proper care! I just love the shape of this one.
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    Japanese Black Pine and Trident Maple under Metal halide?

    hello guys! I'm from Brazil. I don't have an outside area (for now) anda I'd like to grow just one bonsai under a 250W MH bulb. Would a JBP or Trident Maple grow under this? Or a 400W? Thanks!
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    Trident Maple - Little help on this one

    Hello guys First post here. I'm from Brazil, I've got this tree few days ago, I tought it would be smaller (bought from internet) but happened to be too big for what I was expecting. And need a lot of work on it, and I'd like to reduce the size of it. I'll grow it under a 250W metal...
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