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    A quick mugo pine question

    I have a young mugo I trained a bit last year. It has a nice thick branch that sits just above the the soil. Would it be possible to stick the end of the branch into the soil and turn it into a root.
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    Newbie looking for help on collecting local pines

    Hello everyone. I'm kind of new to bonsai. More like I'm learning how to ride a bike again after a long vacation from it. I live in Cape Cod Massachusetts and would like to collect a few small pines this spring(soon) to get accustomed to working with pines. I really would like to work with pines...
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    Dead Wood Question

    Hello everyone I am fairly new to Bonsai however I have a mildly green tinted thumb. Over the last year I have tried to educate myself in the art. I finally got myself a few trees and I am a little confused on what to do with one of them. It is a white serrissa that I purchased on ebay. It is...
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