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    Dogs and Azaleas.....?

    If you keep your vibrant acid-loving vegetation in containers, you're in fortune. It's much much easier to snuff out your pup's azalea-eating strategy if you can basically shift the vegetation.
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    Asagi discussion

    Wow that's a great Asagi scale measurement its amazing for me that when i saw the pic of the Asagi beauty i saw the pic first time..Why are you compared the both Asagi?Whats a reason behind them? Prime Scales Store
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    I like this!

    But dude i really like the fire wall because in my home fire wall is take a great part in the beauty of the house..At which point you said that fire wall is not likely thing or hateful thing?
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    2013 Annual Society of Florida Bonsai Convention

    May be i will go because i am too much busy that's why my chance to go in the exhibition is less i was waiting at the exhibition but my problem is too much hard..If any one send me the video link of the exhibition?Thanks Prime Scales Store|Floor Scales
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    Do u move ur plants when it rains?

    I do not move the plant when the rain come but some time whose plant is small they move to the other place but now i am afraid to move the plant because once times i move then all the plant is damaged which is moved... Prime Scales Store|Floor Scales
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    New comer!!!!

    Hi guys..This is my first post in this forum..I read some post in the forum about the nut and find that this forum is may be helpful for me on the not topic that's why i want to registered this forum..Hope you all guys appreciate my point of views and shared with me more strong points about the...
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