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  1. sorce

    What is the possibility of having a Classified Section?

    "New Posts" is a changing venue. I've noticed with the influx of members, posts get lost much faster, this would happen regardless, so someone like me, who would only search it, needs to be flexible with it's changes. Other than there, nothing will get (30-40 inundated) with sales posts...
  2. sorce

    Has anyone tried using ladybugs?

    Maybe caterpillars, but not an infestation, since one can be removed before the....stupid large jungle package comes in. Maybe a sleeping leafhopper! Sorce
  3. sorce

    Has anyone tried using ladybugs?

    Aphids are the only thing a ladybug can catch. Marketing BS. Sorce
  4. sorce

    New member, red maple help?

    If you lay them down, the leaves will be lower. Welcome to Crazy! Sorce
  5. sorce

    All aboard the Mugo train!

    Seems growing it all back better from just that low branch is best. Sorce
  6. sorce

    Can someone help with these pests?

    Welcome to Crazy! I believe these are soil pests that transition while up the tree. Removing their preffered habitat, rock hides and leaf litter, should inhibit their reproduction. Moss em. Sorce
  7. sorce

    Wiring for specific situations

    Of the absolutely uncountable ways to get it done, you'll find they all have the same two elements, a fulcrum and a lever. Further exploring the function of these two elements can ensure you don't screw it up. Sorce
  8. sorce

    What is the possibility of having a Classified Section?

    Keep posting stuff! Sorce
  9. sorce

    What is the possibility of having a Classified Section?

    I see nothing prohibiting in the sales section. Nothing except no one posts stuff there. Sorce
  10. sorce

    Chinese cypress

    I don't reckon Cypress is fast growing/easily fuseable enough to work.... But other things may. For me, it has been a careful excersize of pruning to thicken correct parts, keep things from dying, and figuring out how the end ends up at 1 branch without having wierd dieback...
  11. sorce

    Of Toads and other Pets

    My new Alley Cat friend! Second time it been around, that I've seen it anyway. It seems to know exactly where to find my mice! Monk chased it up the garage last night. Super friendly. Sorce
  12. sorce

    Japanese White Pine needles brown at the tips

    Welcome to Crazy! Any soil pics? Maybe pics from the move till now, has it progressed? I don't think it would be fungal with that move. Cold sounds most likely, until soil is eliminated. Sorce
  13. sorce

    Advice for my Brazilian Raintree

    Looks like scale over aphids, them little yellow disks. What Neem and Percentage? I actually just used it on my scaleys and I was surprised how well it worked. Sorce
  14. sorce

    Burning Bush Black Aphids

    Population Explosion by the morning! Lol! Ought just blast em with water! Sorce
  15. sorce

    My first bonsai needs pruning!😱😱

    Welcome to Crazy! Sorce
  16. sorce

    50% off Again! Please help me get this Mortgage!

    That's affirmative! Sorce
  17. sorce

    50% off Again! Please help me get this Mortgage!

    I was thinking about jamming a juniper in there! Sorce
  18. sorce

    random bonsai video, member here?

    With a specified dollar amount. Sorce
  19. sorce

    Making bonsai from bought Bosnian pine (Pinus heldreichii)

    Welcome to Crazy! Aye no rush more think! Sorce
  20. sorce

    A little sip while observing

    Good thing to Know I won't be alone at Grimmy's house pre-noon! Leftover Cinco De Mayo party favors, it'll be a chug looking for bugs in a rug. Sorce
  21. sorce

    Bonsai weeping willow potting

    Stalker! Welcome to Crazy! There is a horticulture aspect, where they should be kept apart. And a design aspect, where they may be put together. Chances are, you should stalk another stalk from a yard willow that is 6inches in diameter, with interesting movement and some taper, and plant it...
  22. sorce

    Plant Growth Regulators

    I was telling my kids about Radium yesterday! When is the last time anything like this was found, and remained beneficial? Your neighbor's kids' kid's are going to have Orca flippers, the nose of a softshell turtle, and the appetite of a Japanese Beetle.... So who the hell will be left to...
  23. sorce

    Yew carving and development.

    Looks like a fat dude on a Grom. Or worse..... A bagger on a trailer! I feel like your margin of error with that pot can be devastating, devastating because you are certainly onto something! It seems like though it may be growing now, you may hit a critical point when a hot summer, or a cold...
  24. sorce

    Green island fig fungus?

    Looks like a beetle that decided the leaf was too waxy. I'd remove em and definitely not spray for "suspecting". Sorce
  25. sorce

    Red Elm: Cornfed Edition

    Nice. I love Rubra, ain't found another since the first kicked in like year 2! With plants as this, with a base you'll quicker make better with an airlayer, repotting becomes a waste of time and resources, though you do get the practice. What happened to the ones FROM rootmaker bags? Sorce
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