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    PVC Ficus :)

    this is the top bonsai specie from Taiwan. This particular ficus is called the Ficus microcarpa, very common in that country.
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    PVC Ficus :)

    How do you call this ficus variety? It looks like F. benjamina ? I think 6months of growing wild is not enough. Probably and if I may suggest, 12 months of growing wild will be ideal with some training/wiring of branches. Good luck.
  3. Bougie (White)

    Bougie (White)

    White Bougie still on training.
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    Scots Pine Literati

    Looking good but would it be better if its planted in more appropriate training pot? The 2nd pic could be the front, I suppose.
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    Mallsai, the way many are introduced to bonsai

    Sorry, I am not into importation but my friend was able to import some for personal collections. And the guy from China have said that they may have some buyers for the European and American market.
  6. Red Hibiscus

    Red Hibiscus

    Still on training
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    Too crowded...

    Focus on bonsai. Go for quality. Burn the unwanted, do not auction or donate so as to stop unwanted materials. You have the skills to go for really good/quality materials, go for it. You have enough space. In specific numbers, 50 to 100 pcs. bonsai/bonsai materials of good quality is very...
  8. Sweet Tamarind Tree

    Sweet Tamarind Tree

    This is a cascade style Tamarindus indica. Already 10years old (started as seeds)
  9. Fukien Tea

    Fukien Tea

    This is a bunjin style of Ehretia buxifolia (Fukien Tea)
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    Mallsai, the way many are introduced to bonsai

    More future "mallsai" soon such as photos below.
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    Mallsai, the way many are introduced to bonsai

    Most of the "mallsai" comes as small to medium in size. These are the sizes often bought by enthusiasts like me or even some "advance" enthusiasts. But pretty soon, bigger sizes will be coming, such as some sample photos below, taken recently.
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    Comment by 'litoalansalon' in media 'Bougainvillea "Pixie Pink"'

    Very nice flowering bonsai, you have there. Whats the latest photo? As Chris said, how do you preserve the deadwood and what did you apply (if any)?
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    Mallsai, the way many are introduced to bonsai

    Thank you to this thread, I finally found (at least) the origin of the word "Mallsai". So, it's another American terminology (thank you Vance for the word and Will for the article). And because of the mallsai, more people went into bonsai culture. Mallsai is a commercial success just like coke...
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    Chinese Elm

    I read and have noted the development of this nice bonsai. I would appreciate how it looks now, probably it is much improved. Personally, the overall design is very ok, the so called imperfections makes bonsai wonderfull looking coz of it trunk and deadwoood/shari portion. Finall, I will...
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