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    JBP in North America

    Michael Hagedorn while apprenticing in Japan had a JBP Kokufu prize winner in show #80 that he worked on. A picture can be found on his website Crataegus Bonsai using the search capability if you do not have the Kokufu 80 book. JRob
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    How to get drastic taper without major trunk chops?

    Tim, If you go to Morton Albek's site, (Shohin-bonsai europe) just under his banner is a link to his method for developing the type of shohin bonsai maples you are discussing. (I have two in process using his technique in this article). In one several of the pictures you can see the trunk...
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    Cass Bonsai (St. Louis)

    The owner of Cass bonsai is an active member of the Bonsai society of greater St. Louis. My son and I have bought several trees from him. His weekend workshops for repotting have sarted this last weekend and continue almost every Saturday through May 8th. There are open workshops most weekend...
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    Shohin Chinese Elm

    Jason. I like the tree and pot as well. I am curious in your neck of the woods at the hight of summer how often will you have to water? In Missouri my Shohin are watered 3 times a day but are well worth the trouble of keeping in the correct size pots. JRob
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    Eastern Red Cedars

    Nick Lenz's book "Bonsai from the Wild" has a section on them. I had asked same question on this species about a year ago. Might try to search the threads. Someone suggested Nick's book which I ordered and found very helpful on collecting in the wild. JRob
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    Whats in a book?

    I have found that joining and actively participating in a club, along with attending workshops and conventions are much more helpful and beneficial than books. My fellow club members have been extremely helpful to me and gracious in passing along their wisdom. That said however, I have found my...
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    Boon, Yes, Thanks for the reply. I appreciate you taking the time to educate. JRob
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    Crepe Mrytle--Prune and repot now or spring

    Gandalph, Have you attended any meetings of the Bonsai Society of Greater St. Louis? We have a meeting tonight at 7:00 pm at the Missouri Botanical Garden and would love to see you there. It's a great time and you would learn a lot. Check out our website for program details. JRob
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    Good Morning All, I have been looking at my Kokufu 83 book and was wondering if someone could explain the designations - Important Bonsai Masterpiece and Kokufu Prize to me and what they mean in terms of the judging. Thanks, JRob
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    Wild Shimpaku

    Grouper52, I like the pot. Who is the potter? JRob
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    Lion's Head Japanese Maple

    Ang3lfir3, Thanks for the comments on pot choice. I agree. Love the color. It was picked as a compliment to fall color. The pot is the same depth as the one Don had it in must be the angle of the photos that gave the illusion of a deeper pot. His was the cream oval. The one I transplanted it...
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    Lion's Head Japanese Maple

    Roelex14, The Shohin Shishi is 5.5" from soil to apex. Pic were take winter and early spring. I'll post a summer pic over the weekend. Great little tree always draws a lot of interest when displayed in shows. JRob
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    Premna mirophylla, Hama-kusagi, Musk Maple

    Good Evening All, Recently received a beautiful Japanese Musk Maple Shohin. Just searched the forums and do not see any threads or pics in the gallery on them. I was wondering if anyone out there owns any and has experience with them. I'd love to see some photos. I'll post a pic of mine...
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    Soil Question

    Maybe talk to a well know person in your area who grows bonsai or a local club. See what soil they use, if it works for them, it will probably work for you. The people in your area know more about soil to use in louisville than I will ever know, their the ones you want to talk to
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    Juniperus scopulorum

    I met Jim for the first time here at Shonin St. Louis. He spent some time helping me underestand the proper display of Shohin and I learned so much from him. I belive it was his display that was awarded the Best Display in Show. One thing that I am quickly discovering is how helpful everyone...
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    Juniperus scopulorum

    Good Morning All, While attending Shohin St. Louis, Andrew Smith from Golden Arrow brought down some trees I had purchased from him over the winter. Great material, several Pinus ponderosa and a killer Juniperus scopulorum or Rocky Mountain Juniper which he estimates to be about 400 years old...
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    Ponderosa in trouble?

    Where was the tree wintered? Is it possible the needles were sunburned? That has happened to my son's JBP this year. JRob
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    When does a tree in a pot become bonsai.

    Good Afternoon All, Pablo Picasso was the most influential visual artist of the 20th C. The experts all agree whether they personally like his work or not that his masterpieces deserve to be hung in the most important museums in the world. All critics would agree that not every one of his...
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    Shohin Crape--Freshly potted.

    Ryan, Love the tree. I particularly like the choice of the pot. I appreciate the way the trunk line is carried down the glaze and appears to be an extension of the total visual composition. Who was the potter? JRob
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    JBP and a cheap plug.....

    Harry, Since you shared on of Don's trees and you know I bought the other JPB Shohin Cascade thought you'd like to see my Easter present. A Shohin Pinus thunbergii, var corticosa- 'Nishiki matsu'. It arrived friday night and I repotted it sat. morning. It is in an Erin pot. I know should have...
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    JBP and a cheap plug.....

    Harry, As you the tree, would like a shorter stand. Love the quilt. Was it hand stitched? Does your wife know you used it for a back drop? JRob
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