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  1. leatherback

    Advise on a collected burning bush

    Good first start. I know these branches can have very loose connections to the trunk. Buuuut.. Ideally you want to change the angle of connection, rather than loop them down over several inches. Here people often refer to branches like this as "pissing bows". Gently see whether theseallow you to...
  2. leatherback

    Something's up with my air layer

    Not one of those, ut if you do not mind.. The green is the sapwood or xylem. The red is new bark being formed by the cambium. One impotant thing to add to your graph, the cambium layer is the layer were pretty much all the thickness growth comes from. This is the main segment of the trunk...
  3. leatherback

    The Tree Thread

    Hm.. I think it does!
  4. leatherback

    First Boxwood Working progress

    I am not convinced copper and raffia is the way to go. I think for the best results you trim the plant back more and grow young branches into position. If I recall correctly, box has very brittle wood and raffia might not help that much.
  5. leatherback

    Potentilla collection!

    Nice wild potentilla. Just .. Let it recove before making plans. These have some of the most dedicated connections between roots and foliage, and are thus at collection prone to dying off of complete main branches. Make plans once you know which parts survive. Some form of low crawling...
  6. leatherback

    Something's up with my air layer

    important to remember. Some people seem to loose the fun in bonsai and trade it in for anxiety.
  7. leatherback

    Trident Maple 2

    This I agree with. The alternative route I would consider is to make this a special tree by raising the tree further and going neagari on this. The roots as the are are already interesting-messy. This would lend itself well to develop exposed roots. WIth a short gnarly trunk and wide, droopy...
  8. leatherback

    Trident Maple 2

    Does it really matter at this point? :) It is gone. Deed is done. Now go and make this amazing!
  9. leatherback

    ROR Trident project

    Hm.. Difficult to solve but I read somewhere.. fertilize stronger and stop trimming. Then the branches will grow out a bit more and the leaves will be bigger 🤪 Joking aside, nice work. Love the start-to-finish thread here.
  10. leatherback

    The cooking thread

    really? I would say it is never too cold to grill. Main problem in winter is that coals are hard to get. Solved that by just stacking a few bags in the shed for winter.
  11. leatherback

    The Tree Thread

    Very nice. It is different. Like it!
  12. leatherback

    5yr native tree challenge - Leatherbacks Prunus Spinoza

    Not there yet. I am still at the stage of hoping it will root. It has me not fooled! It is NOT rooting yet. The growth is there, so all signs are green. But only once summer has come and gone will I trust the tanuki that collected plants are.
  13. leatherback

    The cooking thread

    Nooooo slow roast on the cold part of the BBQ~
  14. leatherback

    Prunus Incisa help

    Well, only one way t find out, now isn't there? Let us know whether they are edible. Or not.. :eek:
  15. leatherback

    Zelkova Forest - restoration project

    buuuutt.. As I am the one looking at it most often, that does matter Yeah, and it does not have to become perfect. But.. It just has too many of these points. And I do not want to look at the forest in 2030, all dense and twiggy and realize.. The bonsai trophy is not an option because of ugly...
  16. leatherback

    Hornbeam airlayer

    Taking pictures really shows what you miss just looking at the tree. The top needs a bit of thinning, so the bottom can keep up. I do like where this is going. Getting less wire now.
  17. leatherback

    Zelkova Forest - restoration project

    Thx., I hope so too. It will need a LOT of work on the trunks though. Decades of pruning wihtout cleaning up the wounds has resulted in ugly bulges and clumps of recuts. But.. Till mid-summer this can regrow some roots. THen the knife and dremel will come out to clean up some old ugly spots...
  18. leatherback

    Zelkova Forest - restoration project

    Soo.. I did replant the forest. By now it is starting to leaf out. One of the plants is still contemplating life and sitting. But the rest is showing clear signs of wanting to stay with me.
  19. leatherback

    Zelkova group planting - When odd is odd

    This forest reflects my mind. Split into pieces. Trying to recover. I will try to not update this thread anymore, and let it sink away. Updates are in
  20. leatherback

    Zelkova Forest - restoration project

    It seems there are two threads, with another here: I will not update the other thread.
  21. leatherback

    Small leaf Lilac ready for the show

    Not much to see here. Keep moving. Maybe next year we have better flowering. Buuutt.. It is developing a nice canopy. Time for a second pruning & rewiring I think.
  22. leatherback

    5yr native tree challenge - Leatherbacks Prunus Spinoza

    The rootbulb is not joking around. I mean, the main plant is also pushing, but is not showing he enthusiasm of this bit, which is on its way to becoming the better tree!
  23. leatherback

    Share your Neagari

    The challenges we seek.. Growing a neagari malus from seed. Guess what happens when roots are sun-exposed..
  24. leatherback

    The cooking thread

    That time of year we struggle to keep up with the asperges in the garden.. Third harvest in one week
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