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    Japanese maple the slowest way

    Hi everyone, Again, I have a question. I sowed some Japanese maple seeds last December, now I got some seedlings, the germination rate was quite low (7 out of 30), they are placed in a germinating tray with individual cells 1 inch by 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch in depth. They now are 3 months...
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    Help ID

    Hi Bonsai fellowship, Can someone please identify what these guys are? I bought them a couple weeks ago from a local nursery, both were sold to me as “Cypress”, but everyone calls cypress to scale conifers and pines to needle conifers, so that didn´t help at all. I think the first one...
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    Collected prunus

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have experience collecting Prunus serotina ssp. capuli? One of those guys was growing in my backyard for 3 years. I never planted it, it just appeared one day. It reached about 4 or 5 feet, then I pruned it back and it re-bud, and grow again about 3 feet. It was growing...
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    My Radiata

    Hi, I´ve decided to post some pictures of my Radiata pine, I bought it several years ago (I think maybe 9) when I was a teenager, I didn´t know much about bonsai at that time, neither about Pines (nor today ha ha ha), so I planted in a small pot, chopped it and wired a little. Years later, as...
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    Accent plant

    Hi everyone, I’ve been working in a new accent plant, just for experimenting. It is a native plant from Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. It grows up to 2 meters, but it mainly remains as a small bush. It is called mashua, (Tropaeolum tuberosum) and it produces some small tubers like a long potato...
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