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    My seedling is GONE!! Seriously, who gets robbed by squirrels. ME!!

    Hey all, I need protection. I have a mob syndicate of squirrels running their operation out of my backyard. When I moved into the house 2 yrs ago, the squirrels immediately came to our door expecting large sums of peanuts in payment for protection (previous owners fed them). They would...
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    Bald cypress advice

    I bought this bald cypress from home depot for $45 about a month ago. It's actually the first time that I had ever seen them carry a bald cypress before. I was quite shocked when I saw it. The tree was approximately 8' tall when I bought it. This was the first time in my short bonsai career...
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    My first Cryptomeria

    Hey all, I recently met an older gentleman who maintains a nice plot of trees. He was wanting to get rid of some of the faster growing trees and allowed my to collect this cryptomeria for free (along with a hemlock, 2 junipers, and some smaller american elms). We hit it off immediately so I...
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    Musk Maple

    Hey All, Here is my Musk maple (no relation to the palmatum family) that I have been working on for about two years. The first two pictures are early this year after repot. Third, is a virt from Will. Fourth and fifth are my rendition of Will's virt. Sorry for the shadows, I could not find the...
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    Microsoft OneNote 2007 for Bonsai Journaling

    Hello All, I've posted this elsewhere but still feel the need to spread the news. I have been recently introduced to Microsoft OneNote (in Office 2007) by my wife and it has completely changed my bonsai journaling experience . It is a program that allows you to keep and easily access notes...
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    My PBA workshop Yew

    Hello Everyone, This is my first time posting a tree of mine on this forum. I look forward to your thoughts and feedback. I participated in my first workshop last weekend at the PBA festival with Steve Tolley. It was a great experience that I've taken a lot from. Below is the Yew that...
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