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    Bonsai Pepper - Growing Indoors From Seed To Bonchi

    Lately I've been reading about Bonchi (Bonsai Peppers/Chilli) wondering if I could grow them indoors under artificial light. After much research it is advisable to grow the plant to full size outdoors then cut down and bring indoors. Much like bonsai are field grown, they are grown to size...
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    Can someone help me identify this plant from maine sidewalk

    I found this plant growing in a crack in the sidewalk which was getting weedwacked. So I decided to save it. The only thing is I don't know what it is. Kinda looks like rosemary but I don't think it is. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Fertilizing my chinese elm

    I have MaxiGro and MaxiBloom because it was cheap on ebay. I'm wondering if my Chinese Elm should get a lower dosage than recommended (1-2 tsp per galllon) I'm thinking I should fertilize with MaxiGro 1/2 tsp per gallon once every two weeks. Does this sound right? Any advice is appreciated.
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    My indoor bonsai starter plants

    Hello everyone I hope you are having a good day. Today I would like to share my starter plants ordered from ebay. The plants are growing under a 400 watt Metal Halide grow light. Plenty of light to share. I also am growing peppers indoors in case you were wondering what those plants in the back...
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    Show Off Your Mulberry Bonsai

    Ever since planting a few mulberry trees 3 years ago I've been utterly fascinated with the growth characteristics of this wonderful tree. Leaf shape is good, reduces drastically, fruits easily (cultivar dependent), very winter hardy etc. Shame we don't see more mulberry projects on bnut :(...
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    Where to buy moss

    I would like to inoculate a recently planted starter bonsai with moss. What type of moss is best? Where can it be bought and what is the best method of inoculation?
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    Dwarf Pomegranate (pics) Advise?

    First let me start off by saying this is a online store bought bonsai and not professionally styled/grown/ect. Don't expect it to have good taper, any nebari, or even be well shaped. I've never owned a bonsai before but I am a student of horticulture so we are starting with more knowledge...
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    Been out collecting

    Hello everyone I'm new to both this site and bonsai in general. Bonsai had always interested me as a kid having grown up taking Tiquando classes and watching Japanese oriented movies such as the three ninja's and the karate kid. Over the years I had purchased a few walmart bonsai which had short...
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