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  1. daniel

    Iron feeding regimen?

    Anyone know how often bonsai should be fed iron? Is this on an as-needed basis, or something that needs to be done by itself? Do you put it in your organic fert cakes? I've just found that this can be important to plants and have been reading up on it. I purchased some Actino-Iron and used...
  2. daniel

    Trident Question

    Hey all, I have a decent sized trident and several saplings and on a few of them I have some of the new, vigorous growth dying and turning black. It's not all of the growth by any means, but is this something I should be worried about? Or, is there something I should be doing to protect the...
  3. daniel

    Takin' a trip to Baltimore, MD...

    Nothing I really want to do, but medically necessary. However, I'm driving from Louisville, KY and was curious to see if there were any "must see" bonsai nurseries along the route (I-64, 68, 70, and probably a few others). I may make a small side trip to Julian Adams' nursery in Lynchburg, VA...
  4. daniel

    Best retailer for Azalea pre-bonsai?

    I would really like to find an azalea (love them!) pre bonsai that does not cost an arm and a leg. I don't mind waiting a few years for a trunk to develop. (I realize these are slow to develop, hence the cost.) Anyone want to give out a site? PM me privately if you want. Thanks! Daniel
  5. daniel

    Yellowing Boug Leaf

    Hey all, I've done some searching and I can't find the answer, so I thought I'd pick your guy's brains. One of my bougs has a lot of new growth, but the leaves are yellowing, except for the "veins" in the middle of the leaf, which are green. I'm pretty sure this means there is some sort of...
  6. daniel

    Fall repotting? Why not?

    I understand why it's not done during the growing season, but seeing as all of the storage that is going to happen already has, why not do it in the fall? Can it safely be done with deciduous trees? Comments? Thanks! Daniel
  7. daniel

    Best source for pumice in the midwest/southeast?

    I'm looking to try a soil mix with this as one of the main components. What I'm thinking is 1/3 akadama, 1/3 pumice and 1/3 decomposed granite. This is not intended to be a discussion on soil mixes, just using this to let you know what i'm using it for. I'd appreciate answers about who has it...
  8. daniel

    Let's play a fun game... that tree! I dug up a small tree from my mom's land in Kentucky this spring and I think it may be in the elm family (elm, zelkova, beech, etc). The leaf is definitely something like that, however, I can't find the exact match. Anyone care to guess?
  9. daniel

    Lumen requirements for bougs, ficus, and olives?

    Anyone know or have a good link with the info? Or, is there a "safe" level? I'm looking into a T5 set up with 20,000 lumen, which I think is more than enough. I'd really like to have good growth over the winter in my tropicals, if I could. Anyone have any good recommendations that have a lot...
  10. daniel

    HID lighting for wintering plants...

    I can't seem to find much info on this site. Anyone using this type of set up for wintering tropicals? Pictures? Problems? Best places on the net/dealers to buy from? Thanks for the info! Daniel
  11. daniel

    New Boug--comments welcome!

    Hey all, Did some initial styling on a boug I bought from a local dealer recently and found that it had a dead/rotten center and I hollowed it out (not much work). The result is a really cool boug, I thought. Hopefully you can see it from the pics. I've done some initial wiring and cutting...
  12. daniel

    Styling idea for an unknown species (sorry)

    It's a tropical that I bought from Erik Wigert on vacation in FL. He said it's very similar to a boug in it's ability to root cuttings and other behavior. Sorry, I just can't remember what it was. Anyway, here are some pics. He gave me some thoughts on it--he said either a slanting style...
  13. daniel

    Styling ideas for a Bucida Spinosa

    Hi all, For those who may have read one of my other threads, this is one of the trees I picked up from Erik Wigert's nursery last week while on vacation in sunny FL. I'm thinking that it would be a good candidate for a windswept version due to the lopsided foliage and branching. Let me know...
  14. daniel

    High-fired akadama vs akadama "soil"

    Which is better and why? Any pros or cons for either? I know the "soil" will break down faster, but what else? I see the high-fired is more expensive. I'd appreciate anyone's input. Thanks! Daniel
  15. daniel

    Question about leaders and sacrifice branches

    I've heard that in order to thicken a certain branch or trunk, you want to have one of the above and let it grow until the branch thickness desired is achieved. My question is this--wouldn't the same thing be achieved if you cut this one branch back and let it branch out, rather than just...
  16. daniel

    Visit today to Erik Wigert's Nursery

    Hey all, What a place! Also, what a nice guy! He has a HUGE selection of tropicals of all sorts, including the largest collected buttonwood and other trees I have ever seen! Some for less than $100, believe it or not! He stopped to talk to me and even give me advice on the styling...
  17. daniel

    Getting good nebari from large Boug cuttings

    Hey all-- I'm down here in sunny florida and am finding a bunch of pretty good stuff to throw in training pots, but I have some questions: First, how does one get good nebari off of a cutting of 2-3" from a boug (or for that matter any cutting)? Is there a certain technique when rooting...
  18. daniel

    Soil Question

    (Mods--please move this if it's in the wrong forum...couldn't find one specific to soil.) I've been using Brussel's soil for a little bit now with no problems. However, almost to a man people say that soil "must" be inorganic and not have any organic material in it. Well, if you're familiar...
  19. daniel

    Nurseries to visit in the Sarasota, FL area?

    I'm going there with my wife and 8-month old next week and was curious if there was a "not to be missed" place near here? I'd like to try and pick up possibly a buttonwood (love the shape and deadwood possibilities) or something else, maybe. I'd appreciate any suggestion. As well, anything...
  20. daniel

    Brazillian Rain Tree quesion--what to do?

    I've had this tree for several years and it has done nearly nothing. I repotted it this year and it's still just not growing. I've thought of two things--1) Repot it in a normal container and let it thicken up and branch out ("field growing" a tropical in KY) or; 2) Hack it back to just above...
  21. daniel

    Field growing question

    When doing this on deciduous trees (stewartia, japanese snowbell, beech, hornbeam, maple), should one chop the tree every year to promote trunk thickness and low branch production or should I let it grow and grow and...? Thoughts and pointing me to any previously written articles on the subject...
  22. daniel

    "Aging" a trunk with an Xacto knife?

    I've seen this done on a shohin maple, but I'm curious to see if anyone has a tutorial write up on this technique? Basically, it's making horizontal slashes (not too deep, I guess) on the bark so that it ages the bark quickly versus the "normal" way. Thoughts? Anyone know which species this...
  23. daniel

    Red European Beech Question

    Should I chop a fully grown-out tree down when field planting (in my garden...ah-hem), or should it be left full-sized? I've seen both thoughts, so I want to get more opinons and exactly why you think the way you do. I'm learning, so I'm soaking all this up like a sponge... Thanks for all...
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