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    Aphids on Trident....What to use?

    I just discovered that I have black Aphids on one of my Tridents. I have read not to use the oil spray because it will cause the tree to drop all of its leaves. What should i use? Thanks.
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    Cork Bark Elms

    I am looking for Cork Bark Elms. I am flexible on size / age since i know they are relatively difficult to acquire. Please let me know if anyone has any cuttings / pre bonsai they would be willing to sell. Thanks in advance,
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    Japanese Maple Problem

    I have a few 3 - 4 year old Japanese Maples in a regular pot that recently had bad windburn and lost all of thier leaves. Now they are budding up again, is that bad? I was not sure if this was too late into the season to have new buds form. What is the lowest temp I should allow the plants to...
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    Catlin Elm....Anything Different

    I recently purchased a Catlin Elm and have been trying to do my reading on the tree. I am not finding too much info on this specific type of tree. Should I treat it as a Chinese Elm or does this treee have differences that I should be aware of? Also, while on the subject of Catlin Elms, the...
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    New Japanese Maple.....Suggestions Needed!!!

    I recently purchased this Japanese Maple and was curious to get others opinion on it. The thing that attracted me to this tree first was the mature bark forming along the trunk and some of the branches. The worker assured me that it was not an arakawa but I have never sen bark like this form...
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