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  1. G3ON5IA_GUY

    Oval or rectangle? Cypress Forest

    I'm going to be creating a bald cypress forest in the spring most likely a natural swamp setting. I'm probably going to create an area to hold water to add to the natural look of the landscape. I've already prepared the larger trees over the past year and collected most the smaller tree's I need...
  2. G3ON5IA_GUY

    Tree id & collecting tips

    Thinking this may be some type of oak? I've found quite a few nice trees that had been chopped back in the past that I would consider collecting, if it is worth it that is. Wondering if anyone could help me ID this tree please. Thanks
  3. G3ON5IA_GUY

    Guidance in collecting some native species.

    Hello everyone, new to this forum (been on BonsaiSite forums for awhile now). I live in Coastal Southeastern NC zone 8. I'm also new to collecting and was hoping to get some advice and help from you guys. I've already read a lot on the subject but was hoping I could get some specific help on...
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