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  1. FOX7591


    Hi everyone I have a question there are over 100 different varieties of maples and i and challenging myslef to get a hold of a s much different species as i can find and develop them into bonsai. does anyone know of the rarest or hard to find maples? ive found a kirosimo (not sure...
  2. FOX7591

    Mountain Ash

    This is a mame mountain ash bonsai that i just repotted, This first pic is the earliest one last fall The other three is after it was repotted, the surface roots arent good yet but they r comming along. the trunk is one inch thick and and its about 1.5 inches tall excluding the pot...
  3. FOX7591

    Great deal.

    Hey there, at a local bonsai nursery i went out into his fields and found this, its 2 big larches, not sure what kind.. they were in a seedling tray for many many years and have had maples planted into the same tray, about 7 or 8 of them. so all together there was 7 or 8 shohin and mame maples...
  4. FOX7591

    Japanese Maple

    This is one of my japanese maples i just did some work on it and pruned it up and repotted it The soil i put it into was all equal parts... akadama pumice grit and a regular planter box potting mix.. hows is this mix, how could i improve it? for this maple the left large...
  5. FOX7591

    Home made Ferts.

    Hello everyone, I found out of this homemade organic fert... ----both equal parts---- Bloodmeal 14.3-0.25-0.9 mixed with... Bonemeal 2-14-0 the following can be added.... -granular 6-8-6 fert. to strengthen mix -Fritted trace elements can be...
  6. FOX7591

    Name this Plant!: )

    Hi does anyone know the name of this plant???
  7. FOX7591

    Japanese Maple

    hey, this is a small jap. maple, the base is half an inch thick and its height is about 3-3.5 inches. what do u think?
  8. FOX7591


    Hello everyone, Ive seen people using strainers as training pots for bonsai. Ide like to know what they actually do and how to use them? are they for aeriation? i was in a dollar store a while ago and i picked some up just for the heck of it. thanks, Wil
  9. FOX7591


    THis is the first styling of this juniper, its trunk is just shy of 1/2 an inch, and doesnt stand taller then 3 inches from the top of the pot. See the chunk that is missing from where a branch was ? i was in my greenhouse and then i dropped it :P the branch snapped, im lucky i didnt snap...
  10. FOX7591

    Some undecided trees...

    Hi i have these 2 trees that i dont know how to style. A mountain hemlock and a tsumo cypress (not sure of the spelling) i need some help with getting some ideas. for the hemlock, i know the deadwood isnt supposed to be there and is kinda ugly but that part was dead so i was practicing...
  11. FOX7591

    Tell me what ive done wrong

    hi i just joined this site and this is my first post. this is a rhodo. i just pruned it and am wondering what else should be taken out/fixed/reduced. the tree is just under 1.5 ft. im open to anything. wil
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