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  1. Tachigi

    Clearing Inventory

    Hey all, With the economy starting to show signs of life we've decided to make the jump to a new retail space. I'm starting to clear some inventory to make the move. Below are some links to items we threw up on ebay to get it started. Will post more as we decided on how much the heard gets...
  2. Tachigi

    Kokoro Bonsai Club - Now Forming South Central PA

    To anyone interested in south central PA (YORK), the Kokoro Bonsai Club is now forming. You are cordially invited to join/participate if you have an interest in learning,developing, and sharing bonsai. If you have an interest please feel free to contact me through PM
  3. Tachigi

    The Behr Bonsai Scholarship for 2010.

    The Behr Bonsai Scholarship is open to all world wide for 2010. This fund provides $500.00(usd) dollars to study with an instructor of your choice. It even allows you to apply 25% of the fund to purchase material if you so desire. This is free money to the person(s) that gets the...
  4. Tachigi

    Bristlecone Results?

    Gday all, To avoid being called a necromancer and dredging up an old thread after 3 years. See here: Bristlecone Pine? I was wondering how goes the fight with the people that participated in this discussion. Its been three years ... where your conclusions validated? .... did you learn...
  5. Tachigi

    Big Juni

    Was PM'd and asked to update this Juniper that some of you may or may not recognize (1st pic).It s been a while so I thought I'd go ahead and do it. Was going to put it in the gallery but then was asked to show the back and was not sure how to lump them all together :confused: so I thought I...
  6. Tachigi

    Min Hsuan Lo

    Min Hsuan Lo, Grand Prize winner of the JAL World Bonsai Contest will be holding an all day workshop on Saturday April 20th at Shady Side Bonsai. This workshop is open to all and is a unique opportunity to work with this award winning artist. The price of this all day workshop is $50.00. For...
  7. Tachigi

    Bonsai Vault Article Contest

    B-Nutters stand up and show what great authors reside at Da Nut house Sharpen your pencils and let your imagination go. Come join the Article Contest at Bonsai Vault, its about to begin! More information can be found HERE
  8. Tachigi

    Hans Van Meer

    Award winning artist and Gingko demonstrator Hans Van Meer will be hosted by Shady Side Bonsai for a two day workshop May 10 and 11 2008. For more information please go here
  9. Tachigi

    Some thing strange

    Has anybody else been having problems with there user names? I am having a hell of time getting in having to use all password portals to be able to see anything. Also am seeing some strange graphics. When Taylor logs in there not present. Greg or anyone else ideas?
  10. Tachigi

    Ask the Judges

    This thread is titled ask the judges not rip them a new one. :D So with that in mind feel free to post any inquires you may have regarding the wisteria and pot contest. Have fun Ian and Flex
  11. Tachigi

    Peoples Choice Award Wisteria & Pot

    While we wait for the judges to return the results of the Wisteria and Pot contest. I decided to throw in a little twist. I thought it would be interesting to see if the community members of Bonsai Nut saw it the same way as the judges. A poll has been created to take a vote from the Bnut...
  12. Tachigi

    2008 collection starts

    Today I started in earnest the start of collecting for the 2008 season. Most all trees have been dormant long enough here that we can consider selecting a few for collection. We returned to a spot that had been scouted about a year a go and had some really good material for collection. This...
  13. Tachigi

    Wisteria and Pot Contest

    In the thread Some Previews I suggested a friendly contest for some winter time fun. So as promised here it is. The idea of this contest is to try and match a pot with this wisteria. The best match of pot and tree as decided by the judges will win a hand built Erin pot. The judges decision is...
  14. Tachigi

    Some Previews

    Was sorting through some material that will be posted to the site this spring. I thought to help with some of the winter time doldrums. I would post a few here to give a sneak peak. I will post more later as I pick candidates for the site. First image is a Wisteria with a 13 inch base. The...
  15. Tachigi

    An exclusive for Bonsai Nut

    To break the ice so to speak, I offer this hand built Erin Pot for your review. It is my personal and current favorite :D and a exclusive here at bonsai nut as I have not yet posted it to the site. It measures out at 14.25 x 11.0 x 4.0
  16. Tachigi


    Welcome to Shady Side Bonsai Shady Side Bonsai Welcome, to this area that Bonsai Nut as allowed us to present to you. I will be happy to answer inquires and show case a few unique items. We urge you to follow the sites posted guidelines for the vendor areas as specified by "Da Head Nut"...
  17. Tachigi

    Simple Pleasures

    Was cold today, first real bite of fall. Of course this put me on alert as I felt the urgency to prepare for winter. So I started walking the fields taking stock of the material in the ground and trying to reassure myself that I was prepared in the field and all I had to do was concentrate on...
  18. Tachigi

    On a roll....the yew band wagon

    Well in a previous thread by Taylor I said that I would get her to read some articles about photography. Well maybe I should havedone some reading first myself. Any suggested readings after I planted my foot firmly in my mouth with my suggestion to Taylor. This is a collected yew that begged...
  19. Tachigi

    Fresh From The Field

    Hi All, Started autum collecting yesterday and thought I'd share Tree #1
  20. Tachigi

    Take a crack at identifing these two trees

    Found these two trees while scouting a mountain for future collection yesterday and we also collecting some blackberries for a pie:D, no sense coming back empty handed. When I got home I pulled out my Peterson's guide and came up blank. The first is what I believe is a maple from the seed...
  21. Tachigi

    Cheng Cheng-Kung

    About 18 months ago (my best guess) a picture essay came out of Cheng Cheng-Kung (I think) demonstrating silk carving (Sidiao). I have been googling for that link but have come up empty. Does anyone remember what site it was on or better yet have the link? Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Tachigi

    Work or Play?

    Yesterday I decided to go do a little tree hunting to mark for this fall or next spring. For deciduous trees in these parts the best hunting is in geographic areas that are subject to natural this case it was water. Taylor , Scooby and I went and explored about 6 miles of a creek...
  23. Tachigi

    Design Time

    A lot of you may have seen this Spruce before. I've been thinking alot about its nebari. While this is a nice tree it does have a major flaw with the nebari. I could rationalize it away by saying that its wild collected stock and that is the norm. However, in my heart of hearts I know that this...
  24. Tachigi

    Does size matter?

    No we are not air layering the top of this 30 foot cherry off :) We decided to airlayer one of its branches that had a very large extremely tapered branch. This was done as a wonder if I can do it moments after we had airlayerd about 50 American elm branches. So at my wife's urging I decided to...
  25. Tachigi

    Name that tree

    Hi all, Collected this tree in the spring. Wasn't sure what it was but had nice bark and close internode spacing. Well, being full of myself I thought I would have no problem identifying it ...wrong! I originally thought it was a persimmon but the roots aren't black and the bark is slightly...
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